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The Drivera€™s Guide is a vehicle-specific* Owner's Handbook for selected BMW models**.When using this system for the first time, you require an Internet connection. Supplementary information can be found in other brochures in the on-board documentation.BMW wishes you pleasant and safe driving. You can create one or more bookmarks by double-clicking on one of the blue headings anywhere in the app.
The vehicle identification number (VIN) is located in the vehicle documents, behind the windshield, and in the engine compartment.

Once you have entered the vehicle identification number (VIN) the Owner's Handbook that matches your vehicle is downloaded and is then also available without an internet connection.
A keyword search: In the main menu, click on the blue icon (magnifying glass) in the top left corner. Click on the blue text "Continue without the vehicle identification number (VIN)" after starting the app. Within the Driver's Guide you can manage a number of vehicles.Find out about the benefits of your vehicle with the complete Owner's Handbook, a Picture Search or explanatory animations.

Another click on an item that has already been selected takes you directly to the required topic.

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