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I got my Samsung 50″ plasma HD TV a few months ago and I started to see red dots all over the screen. Firmware is a piece of program that your TV uses to internally control all of the little devices inside your TV. First, take a look at the back of your TV to find out your TV’s model and serial number. Since being released in April 2013, the Samsung Galaxy S4 featuring a 5-inch screen has stayed in the spotlight.
If you purchase a Galaxy S4 model through a carrier in America, more options are available for you.
It’s vital to know the difference among GS4 model variants when you need to install appropriate ROMs or when you need to buy a suitable Galaxy S4 replacement part when you try to fix your broken Galaxy S4 (Click to watch GS4 Disassembly Video). If you can’t find your Galaxy S4 model in your phones system, the next best way is to look behind the battery.
I have the same US phone and same issue, would you help me and let me know how and from where did you get the screen replacement ?
I have the gt-i9500 … And i need a lcd replacement, should i buy a special lcd or they’re all the same?
I have a samsung galaxy S4 SGH-1959 from China telecom and I want to have a western operating system! In an effort to dominate the fierce competitive smartphone market, Samsung Electronics released the Galaxy Note III on September 4, 2013 at IFA Berlin, after it has gained a tremendous success on the Samsung Galaxy S4 this year. The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is available in several variants for different carriers, like the previous different Galaxy S4 model number, Galaxy S3 model number and Galaxy Note 2 model number.
If you want to download appropriate ROMs for Note 3 or buy proper replacement parts to repair the damaged Note 3 yourself, you need to know your Note 3 model name of carriers, for some components of different Galaxy Note 3 models appear very similar, but will not fit or function when put in the wrong model. Some carriers' logos are printed on the battery door making it easy for users to identify their Note 3 versions, such as this Verizon SM-N900V model for Verizon.
If you can't find your Note 3 model number in your phones system, you can look behind the battery. The carrier name of different Samsung Galaxy Note 3 models can be found on the Note 3 rear panel, such as this AT&T Samsung Galaxy Note 3 SM-N900A rear housing. Knowing the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 model number, you can download proper ROMs for the Note III devices.
Samsung Galaxy S3 helped Samsung rise to a dominating position in the smartphone market, taking the largest piece of market share.

For most Samsung Galaxy S3 models, their international versions are different from the US variants. Some components of different GS3 models appear very similar, but will not fit or function when put in the wrong model.
Some carriers’ logos are printed on the battery door, which will make it easier for users to tell their versions.
If it is international version, only the Samsung logo will be printed, such as this GT-I9300 battery door. The rear housings on different Samsung Galaxy S3 models also have different contacts at the bottom.
From the above-mentioned methods distinguishing Samsung Galaxy S3 model name, you can find which Galaxy S3 model you have, and buy suitable Roms or Galaxy S3 replacement parts. Anyway, so do I understand that my Virgin Mobile G.S3 (SPH-L710) cannot be used with Cricket (SCH-R530). I have a galaxy s3, but it doesnt look like any of the pictures, the one i have the sim card and sd card slots are right below the the camera. To find the model number on Samsung TV’s you have to look for the label with the “Samsung” logo on the back of the TV. We offer the following electronic repair service: TV repair service, Computer repair services, Cell phone repair service, tablet repair service, and security cameras installation. See bottom of the back side, and if your tablet does not have serial number on it, please find in your tablet as follow : Setting a†’ About phone.
I looked around and found several remedies for this including one where you take apart the back of the television and turn down a knob inside the television. The Samsung Galaxy S4 is available in several different versions, such as the basic international models GT-I9500, LTE’s GT-I9505, the AT&T SGH-I337, South Korea’s version the SHV-E300, and GT-I9502 for China as well as several more.
Some components of different GS4 models appear very similar, but will not fit or function when put in the wrong model. Many manufacturers put the Samsung Galaxy S4 model number along with other information in this area. The differences between the versions are mainly attributed to the CPUs clocking measured by the GHz. Many manufacturers put the Note 3 model name in a label along with other information in this area.
Also, when your phone experienced broken problems, you can buy the right Note III replacement parts according to the Note 3 model name.

It is necessary to know your exact Galaxy S3 model number when you need to flash ROMs, or when you fix your broken S3 (Click to learn How to Teardown Galaxy S3). Such as this Verizon SCH-I535, AT&T SGH-I747 and Sprint SPH-L710 model for Samsung Galaxy S3.
You can compare the contacts on your S3 model with those in the pictures below to identify your model. This label provides the follow information: Model Number, Chassis, Model Code Number, Serial Number, Type of screen, Year, and series. General electronic repair services in Miami, Hialeah, Doral, Kendall, Homestead, Broward, Miami Beach, Medley and other South Florida areas.
But before you start taking apart your TV, check to see if you model requires a firmware update from Samsung.
The GS4 OLED touch screen has a high-sensitive response and can be used even while wearing gloves. The differences between the versions are mainly attributed to the CPUs clocking measured by the GHz and GPU.
These are designed similarly so as not to alter the basic design of the phone since completely redesigning the inside of each model would not be an easy task for Samsung. Finally, after it was available in nearly 150 countries, the handset had gained a reputation and sold 50 million units as of 14 March, 2013.
The Galaxy S3 is available in many different models: GT-I9300, I9305, SGH-T999, SGH-I747, SCH-R530, SCH-I535, and SPH-L710.
The Samsung Galaxy S4 is even more impressive by its unique features including Smart Pause, Smart Scroll, Smart Alerts, Group Play, and Air View.
It surely surpasses its predecessor, the galaxy S3 and was the fastest selling smartphone in Samsung’s history. In other markets, like United States and Japan, Galaxy S4 sports a 1.9 GHz quad-core Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 600. The GT-I9505 for LTE and GT-I9508 for China Mobile uses Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 600 at 1.9 GHz as well.

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