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Additionally, if the person has shut down your device or it has run out of battery charge, Apple’s free Find My iPhone app will only display its last known location for up to 24 hours.
As the name suggests, this will tell Apple to retain the device’s last known location indefinitely rather than delete it after 24 hours have passed. Automatically send the last known location of this iPhone to Apple when the battery drains to a critical level, writes Apple. At any rate, I’ll be making sure to update this post if new information becomes available.
I mean, instead of confusing users with new options, why not just make it so iOS devices automatically send their last known location as part of the shutdown procedure? I think they should just make Location service always on for Find my iPhone even the locations service is off. This will highly prevent the thief from turning off the locations service and you can’t even track it down. It might be a bug cause my iPhone has this icon and the iPad strangely has weather with the old icon. Can someone give me a hint on how to install the new version of Find My Friends on my phone running iOS 8…?! One of the reason i jailbreak is so i can disable the lock button on the lock screen so my phone can not be turn off if stolen, then with iCaught I have a message come up with contact information.
Be sure you have gone through the process to set up Find My iPhone first, then proceed with the instructions below to lock down Location Services.
With this configured, there is now an additional layer of protection for the device with GPS and Find My iPhone forcibly left on.

Another (potential) stupid question: if your phone is locked, how are the bad people going to do any of the potential bad things? This would be a potentially helpful solution for people (like me) who prefer not to use a passcode, but still desire to keep some level of security to use Find My iPhone.
Not everyone uses a passcode, but also most people that do use simple ones that are easy to guess. When you do this keep in mind that you will get the strangest errors when installing new apps (GPS apps for instance, Google Maps) which use location services, because they will be disabled by default now. Password protect your phone, use find my iphone, and always have it backing up to icloud just in case the unfortunate happens. My question is, after I plug in the relays and change out the connector, should I expect this stuff to work?
With the factory tow package on the 2006, I only had to add in Relay #05, this is the full ISO relay.
Gallery has some additional diagrams, including the 7 pin schematic and the pinouts for the 4 & 7 pin connectors, and the brake controller.
Imagine the device is capable of doing this, I forget to turn it off, I leave it on my drawer and leave for abroad for six months.
I have downloaded it as well as the new iWork versions but I’m not sure how to install them on my phone — through iTunes or do I need Xcode or what…?! So if there honesty i can get my phone back, and if there not I can track them down until the battery dies at least.
A few months ago, someone broke into my house and stole my ipad mini, my macbook air, and an iphone 3GS that i had.

A potential problem is that after a device has been lost, or perhaps more accurately, after a device has been stolen, GPS or Find My iPhone can be turned off which thereby disables the Find My iPhone service’s ability to track the missing device.
Subscribe to the OSXDaily newsletter to get more of our great Apple tips, tricks, and important news delivered to your inbox! Without this done a thief can simply delete the entire iCloud account, which would prevent you from being able to track your phone. A great fix for that is to use iOS Restrictions to prevent Location Services from being turned off at all, which basically forces GPS and Find My iPhone to stay on all the time. Lock both location services and accounts and you have a much better chance of retrieving your lost or stolen iPhone.
I see the value in this but it just seems like you can work around all of the prevention methods.
Someone mentioned having to have the computer reflashed to program the 'towing package', but that was an unrealliable source. This means that as long as the device is turned on, GPS will be on, making it trackable the entire time.
If you don't need trailer power then you have a live feed going back to the connector unused.

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