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A police officer located an iPhone last Thursday; thanks to the Apple service ‘Find my phone’. The agent himself was a big Apple fan and used the Apple ID of the victim start tracking the thief.
The thief probably wasn’t an Apple fan, the only thing that he had to do was reset the phone or turn it off.
Every case still makes the news, which isn’t a good sign because it is likely that many of you will never see your phone back when its stolen. Sada je pravo vreme da podesite funkciju "Find My iPhone", i novu opciju "Activation Lock". Krada iPhone-a je vrlo ucestala, narocito u Njujorku u kom se cak 40 odsto svih krada odnosi na mobilne telefone. KASPERSKY OTKRIVA SPIJUNSKU AFERU: Novi virus napada Android i iOS uredaje, najopasniji do sada! Verovatno vec posedujete nalog na iCloud-u, ali ukoliko ga jos uvek nemate, evo kako ga mozete napraviti. Najnovije vesti iz sveta kompjutera, igrica, mobilnih telefona, gedzeta mozete pratiti i na nasoj Facebook stranici! RUSKI GAMBIT: Na krvavom krunisanju Nikolaja II broj mrtvih bio jednak godini Kosovskog boja - 1389! 18 GODINA CUVA DAR: Ceca poklanja Anastasiji za punoletstvo DRAGOCENOST koju joj je Arkan ostavio! Although the MobileMe service from Apple also has this great option, this Apple 'Find My iPhone' app is available to you minus the $99 annual fee price tag. Find My iPhone enables you to locate iOS devices only when they are on and connected to a registered Wi-Fi network or have an active data plan.
4) How to get directions to a lost device: If your device is not nearby, you can get directions to its location. Note that if you believe your device was stolen (not just lost), we highly recommend putting it in Lost Mode, which we will go over in a future post.
In my opinion this tutorial and the last one (music timer) isn’t necessary on a tech blog. Yes, you can set biolockdown to require a fingerprint (on a 5s of course) in order to shut down.
Sebastien usually provides good articles when it comes to quick learning or getting the most out of your iOS device, so I’m appreciate of it since most sites or authors expect you to know stuff.

Dude, not to be rude but there are some user who think this is good info to know about and if this is old news to you then you can simply ignore it altogether and not wast your time in typing this which in turn saves other people time by not responding to you.
The Photo Vault app has it’s own password protection, which it requests you to enter when you launch the app. In other words, the Photo Vault app doesn’t have access to your system-wide lockscreen (no AppStore app does).
Az egyre dragabb es egyre nelkulozhetetlenebb okostelefonok vilagaban bizony eleg nagy problemat tud okozni, ha elhagyjuk, vagy ellopjak oket. A fenti megoldasok nagy hatranya, hogy a keszuleknek be kell lennie kapcsolva, es valamilyen adathalozatra kapcsolodva kell lennie, kulonben sajnos hiaba az egesz. Azt szeretnem kerdezni,hogy alcatel one touch keszulekem van,es van e lehetoseg hasonlo szolgaltatas igenybevetelere-? Bar a keszulek pontos tipusat, igy az Android verziojat nem tudom szamos alkalmazas letezik elveszett keszulekunk megtalalasara.
The iPhone turned out to be only a few miles away near a Hell’s Kitchen in Midtown, New York. Ukoliko neko ukrade vas iPhone, a ova funkcija je ukljucena, veoma brzo mozete pronaci telefon. Ukoliko ste vlasnik Apple telefona, predstavljamo vam nacin na koji ga mozete zastiti od krade ili makar dobro namuciti lopova. Ukoliko niste sigurni koji je vas Apple ID ili morate tek da ga napravite, posetite ovu stranicu. Krada iPhone-a se polako smanjuje zahvaljujuci ovoj opciji, ali to nista ne vredi ukoliko je ne ukljucite. Enter a four-digit passcode to prevent anyone else from accessing your personal information. Both methods work equally well, and the steps to track a device are pretty much identical regardless of what you use. Once logged in, Find My iPhone will display a split screen with a map at the top, and a list of devices that are linked to your Apple ID at the bottom. Intermediate tutorials aren’t really necessary because a very small percentage of readers are beginner iOS users. So, entering the wrong passcode at the system-wide lockscreen won’t take a pic of anyone, even with the Photo Vault app installed. Of course we would think of this first but if a phone has no Password on it a common thief wont even bother turning if off.

Most kovetkezo cikkunkben arra keresunk valaszt, milyen helymeghatarozason alapu megoldasokat kinalnak a nagyobb gyartok. When the agent started sending a message to the iPhone when he was in the area, the iPhone went off close to a 40-year-old man.
Earlier this week a couple of teacher recovered a stolen iPhone with the same ‘Find my phone’ service.
Whether they’re at the office in a conference room or under a pillow on your couch, with Find My iPhone, chances are they won’t be lost for long. From then on, your Apple ID and password will be required before anyone can turn off Find My iPhone, erase your device, or reactivate it.
Find My iPhone can continue to display your custom message, even after your device has been erased. I think advanced tutorials are great but stuff like this is common knowledge to iOS enthusiasts (the tupe that would follow a tech blog). You are kind of right, most of the time they turn it off then attempt to reset but that will lock it to iCloud. I believe that was the real beauty of the idiot individuality, it created people underestimate him. Straight back at nighttime ages before the Web you knew you had made it whenever you landed a spot on Carson or Sullivan. Eloszor telepitenunk kell mobilunkra a Find My iPhone alkalmazast, majd ezt kovetoen az iCloud-ba asztali bongeszon belepve terkepen ellenorizhetjuk telefonunk aktualis poziciojat. And with the Lost Mode feature you don’t just see where your device is, you can track where it’s been.
Even if the device is on mute, it will play a sound so you can locate it if it’s nearby.
I wouldn’t call it a Joke because it has saved quite a few devices and brought them back to their rightful owners. Then whoever finds it can call you from the Lock screen without accessing the rest of the information on your device.

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