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If you’ve ever had a lost or a stolen phone you already know how this can hurt in so many ways: from all that money lost if it was an expensive device to its content (especially If you didn’t have it backed up somewhere else) and of course, the risk of privacy invasion and even identity theft. Besides setting up various methods to protect your phone’s contents, including your personal credentials, there are a variety of apps that can help you track and remotely control your lost phone so you’ll have a pretty good chance at recovering it. Google’s Android Device Manager is one of the OS built-in features – although it should be enabled by default, you should still make sure it actually is. The app can remotely locate your device, but also lets you remote lock and factory reset your phone. The app can even use your phone’s camera to take pictures and record videos of the thief, retrieve call history and wipe your phone’s internal storage and the SD card.
Cerberus is even more powerful for rooted devices since in this case it can be installed as a system app and as a result survive factory resets. Should the phone be offline, the app still lets you control it remotely via SMS, even if the SIM card is changed. This app offers an interesting option for theft prevention if you’re used to leaving your phone unattended or charging in public places.
You can also set a delay for alarms, so you’ll have enough time to enter your PIN or pattern lock before they go off.
Lookout is a full-fledged security app with a built-in antivirus scanner also packing a number of anti-theft features.
The premium version also sends automated theft alerts via email which include the phone’s location and a mugshot of whoever is messing with your device.
Where’s My Droid has a robust set of features that are quite easy to set up, although you will have to spend some time reviewing all of them.
The $3.99 upgrade to Pro offers some additional useful feature like the ability to remotely take pictures with your phone’s camera, remote wipe function for SD card and phone data, remote device lock, app uninstall prevention, app activation via landline and the option to hide the app icon.
Avast may be an antivirus company but they offer some other utility apps in the Play Store, among which is their Anti Theft app.
Some of its best premium features include Geofencing – a function that lets the app perform specific actions once the phone leaves a set perimeter –, automatically take pictures when someone attempts to unlock the device and remote data retrieval.
The company also offers Avast Anti Theft (rooted) which offers some additional features for rooted phones (these are not premium features, even users of the free versions will have them) like an option to rename the app (to make it harder to spot), remote reboot, block USB access to the phone, maintain data connectivity and last but certainly not least, the app will remain installed even after a hard reset. Prey is another popular anti-theft app that comes with all of the features you’d expect from such an app. Remote phone wipe is only available for those who upgrade to a Prey Pro account along with the ability to track more devices (the free account lets you track only 3), on demand reports, SSL encrypted information and remote deletion of browser data and of emails & passwords. Subscriptions can be made via the Prey website but I have to say, they are somewhat expensive unless you are looking for cross-platform support. A really simple app, but worth mentioning nonetheless, Find My Phone (Android Wear) basically allows you to make your phone ring from your smartwatch. Wear Aware also lets you ring your phone from your Android Wear watch, but it does have something extra.
I find the developer’s description of the app to be very accurate – Wear Aware ‘acts like a leash’ between your phone and watch offering a preventive measure for both forgotten and stolen phones. Share this article with your friends if you liked it and visit our Roundups section for more carefully handpicked apps, games and everything else mobile.

The iOS home screen may be functional, but the default customization options are rather limited.
The most interesting thing in this watch, its digital display, which watch face is fully customize. This is one of the best and more innovative android app, which you can use anywhere, you want. This app Glympse Android App – Share GPS location will help you to get inform about your location and also let you inform about the location of your friend and family to meet up. Android total downloads for Family Safety Production apps sum 32108050 (the most downloaded GPS Phone Tracker for Android). Find My Car car locator app was tested using a Samsung Galaxy S II and an Acer a500 tablet, and it works as advertised on those devices. Even if you’ve been lucky enough so far and never lost a phone in your life, as smartphones get more powerful and expensive, they become increasingly attractive for thieves, so taking some protection measures is a must. And since Android wearables can easily get lost or stolen too, we’ve got you covered in that department as well.
You can find the Android Device Manager options in your phone’s Google Settings -> Security. For the location tracking to work, your device needs to be connected to the Internet and to your Google account.
On some devices it doesn’t work at all, on others errors occur often and location tracking is not very accurate so don’t expect to walk right to your thief and pry your phone out of his hands.
1 anti-theft app for Android devices, as it has the most comprehensive collection of features that not only let you locate your phone, but also control it remotely from your web browser or via SMS, make it ring even if it was set to silent mode, display a message on the screen and access the complete location history of the device. The app’s settings offer a number of security options designed to prevent the thief from disabling or uninstalling Cerberus. Another handy feature available for rooted phones is the ability to automatically enable GPS once you start tracking the device.
The app lets you connect your wearable and it can display a notification on your wrist when it loses connection with your phone. Cerberus costs a little over 5$ (the same license can be used to manage up to 3 devices), but it does have a 7-day free trial. It lets you set a motion alarm that goes off if someone tries to move the phone, and a charging alarm that goes off when the phone is unplugged from the charger, among others.
While Anti Theft Alarm only works for these specific situations in which your phone is either charging or not moving, it does its job very well.
This app is freemium so if you want more than location tracking you’ll have to upgrade it through in-app purchases. If you need a well-rounded security app with built-in anti-theft features, Lookout is worth taking a look at (pun intended).
Doesn’t offer too many features – the app can locate phones using GPS in real-time and it does it pretty accurately. It may seem a bit intrusive, but in today’s dangerous world, it can certainly give concerned parents some piece of mind.
This one bundles all essential anti theft features like GPS location and tracking, remote locking and wiping, remotely take photos and even turn on the microphone to listen audio, SIM card change notification and a stealth mode that hides the app.

There’s GPS and WiFi tracking, remotely taking pictures using front and back cameras, remote lock, make the phone ring, show a custom message on the screen, SIM card change detection, uninstall protection and others. As expected, the phone will ring even if it’s set on silent mode, plus the app lets you set up some visual signals using your screen brightness and the flashlight. If you walk away from your phone (or someone tries to steal it), your watch will make loud sounds, show a red display and vibrate all at the same time, as soon as it loosed the connection with your smartphone. Also, this app is absolutely free, so if you’re an Android Wear owner, at the very least give it a try.
What do you like most about it and what are some similar apps that let you down in the past?
This is the best android apps collection for your wear watch, which helps you in your daily life, anywhere and everywhere in the world. The extra ordinary thing is that you can measure your tracking distance during your exercise. You can browse your desired website or blog anywhere outside of your homes, offices, means to say, anywhere you want. You can also see the bio and specification about the person, which you want to get in touch. If you have issues on your particular device, let me know and I will get them corrected ASAP. You can simply search Google for ‘Where’s my phone?’ to get your phone’s location on a map in search results. Also, ADM needs your phone to be online, so if it was offline when you lost it or it got stolen and the thief was smart enough not to connect it to the Internet, the app won’t work. Also, it lets you block the Power Menu and disable access to the status bar from the lock screen.
However, it does have some unique traits: it lets you track multiple devices (including feature phones) and it’s cross platform being also available for iOS and Windows Phone.
Interesting enough most of them are also available in the Avast Mobile Security app that has the same subscription fees.
The app is free, but some alarm customization options are only available via the $1.99 IAPs. In case of somebody or thief have stolen your watch, in this case you have to install the google desktop software.
Enjoy the app, and shop with ease knowing that your car will be right where you left it when you get out! It does the job, but obviously you’ll have to be within close proximity to your phone, in order to actually work.
When you park your car, open the app and tap on the blue arrow icon to pin your current location. When you leave the store and need to find your car again, your car's location in the parking lot will be on the map waiting for you to return to with ease!

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