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And suppose you can’t get your phone back even after all these efforts and you think there is sensitive data on your phone then last option is “Erase”. First make sure the console is online and Windows Phone device is on the same network (under settings you can find “WiFi” and connect to your home router).
As someone who casually messed with Windows 8 phones and thought they lacked some features I was pleasantly surprised to see some I did not know about in this post. With Windows Phone platform users can track and find a lost smartphone, which could save both nerves and time. This could be useful if you feel the device is stolen, lost forever or you have personal information you want to protect.
Windows Phone Area is an online provider of news, reviews and articles about smartphones, phone manufacturers, apps, developers and everything else about Windows Phone and Microsoft. You need to turn on the option to save your device location periodically to make it easier to find it. You have the option to ring the device, this means even if it is in silent mode it will ring in full volume.

If you want current location of the phone, click on “Refresh” and it will map the current location of your phone. And if this helped you get your device back, don’t forget to convey your “Thank You” notes. I think Windows 8 has the potential to be a successful OS but only if Windows delivers quality hardware at a consistent pace. This is a free service allowing you to ring, lock, erase or show a lost Windows Phone on a map using any computer with Internet connection, thus you can prevent someone from using the device and access personal information.
It might be that you left the phone in the nearby cafe or it is still in your home inside the sofa cushion. You can also see a link “Find my phone” Click on this option and you get additional options to locate your device. Second option is to lock the device and sent out a custom message so that in case someone picks it, they can hand it over to you based on the message. Once installed, open the Xbox hub, select the app, and make sure the Xbox is also turned on.

But you don’t have to worry as Microsoft is providing a Find My Phone service, that can help lay your worry to rest. Third option can be used if you are not able to trace it and if you think your phone was stolen you can erase your personal data from it.
The first important thing comes to mind after buying such an expensive device is how to safeguard it from losing or getting stolen.
Located in the upper-right corner of the screen, sign in with the same Windows Live ID you use on your phone. With its Windows Phone 7 OS, Microsoft has made it quite easy to exactly point to the place where your phone is located.

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