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Also please note that bill address should be perfectly matched with the address given in your Payza account. Open new account with your father name and submit your father’s ID card and bill copy. Recently i have heard many rumors that payza is moving towards scam.Payza is not accepting credits card ,pending payments like that. Masud please make sure that your documents are 100% correct and your bill address is exactly the same as in your Payza account. While we have received and approved your photo identification document, the proof of address statement you provided does not bear a name matching with the information in your profile. Dear i am living in a rented house and the bill address is the owner of house and unfortunatly he is no more(dead).That is why i am facing this problem now plez suggest me what i do?
Plez tell me one thing more may i apply with the same ticket or again with new applycation…? Brother some how you have to provide the bill with the same name on ID card and Address mention in your Payza account.
Agar aap rent par reh rahey hain tu aap kam az kam PTCL phone tu lagwa hey sacten hain apney naam par aur us ka bill send kar sactey hain. Card order karney keley aap key account main kam az kam 20 dolars huney chaeen kunkey is card ki qeemat $20 hey. Thanks sir i have submitted my documents i am waiting process 2 or 4 business days i hope will better reply . IS PTCL bill can be used for verification or not, and there is slight difference in my NIC acd PTCL bill address but name is same, guide me?

Buy, Sell New & Used Mobile Phones, Computers, Laptops, Gaming Devices and other Electronic Gadgets. Yes you can very easily verify your own Payza account within 2 to 4 business days with ease. After scanning the ID Card from both sides you have to merge both these cards into one picture. Now you need a one scan copy of Suigas, Electricity or Telephone bill in order to verify your address. After filling the form fields just click on Upload link(add File) at the bottom of the page and it will show you the Browse button. It will take some time to upload your documents so please be patient and don’t click the button twice. Plz tell me is this true so that i can change my payment processor.Also please mention when did you get last payment through payza? Please Sir waleed if you tell us about Paypal verification process because now a days some people charge big money for paypal verification if you have knowledge about it please share us .
The verification through ATM card is also a good way to get verified Payza account in Pakistan. Now you can easily find the bio-data of any CNIC number, You can find CNIC number bio data using the CNIC number of any person in Pakistan from your mobile phone.
The verification process which I shared with you last time was very complicated and time consuming but now Payza has changed its policy and now you can verify your account easily without paying a single penny. Please note that you ID card should not be expired and all the corners of your card should be clearly visible.

For this you can take help of Photoshop or Microsoft Paint and the end result should be look like this.
You can always change address in your Payza account easily by editing the profile settings. Just fill in the details and write in the message box that I want to verify my account and here are the required documents. After that it will display the verification message and you should also receive confirmation email on your email address.
Can this is acceptable to payza and give me the suggestion what should i do if it is nt acceptable. Can you post post on how to make and verify Paypal account and then how to withdraw money from Paypal. There are many other ways to find biodata using CNIC, these methods will be published later on our website. You cannot change your name in your account so either you have to open a new account or you have to provide the bill with your name.

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