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Sometimes when you are entering voucher, there is no ledger account for particular transaction. Income tax department went online more than a couple of years ago and they have been improving their online services with time. Permanent Account Number (PAN) is a ten-digit alphanumeric number, issued in the form of a card, by the Income Tax Department, to any “person” who applies for it or to whom the department allots the number without an application. Click Submit and you will receive another window to ask Father’s First, Middle, and Surname. After entering these inputs, the result page will display your PAN number along with your jurisdiction. Important: In case of any discrepancy in PAN number or jurisdiction, please contact the income tax department as soon as possible. Everyone travelling between the ancient business town of Hongjiang and the infamous Fenghuang must change in Huaihua. Before going to the most crowded and popular ancient town of China, I had set my mind to stop in Jingling (??) on the way to Huaihua. While I was making my way through the village which looked very common at first sight, an old man led me to the landmark of Jingping. I had already seen a lot of ancestral halls, also called lineage temples (??), but never anything like the Pan Clan Ancestral Hall (???) in Jingping village.
The facade (which is actually an elaborated type of paifang or arched gateway) of this lineage temple built during the early years of emperor Hongwu (??) of the Ming dynasty is breathtaking. Each side of the temple gate is flanked with meticulously carved dragons twisting around a column. On the lower level of facade of the Pan clan ancestral hall the great chairman Mao Zedong was kind enough to add his touch (and deface the solemnity of the structure) by adding two revolutionary decaying slogans. Between the second and the third gate, there is an open courtyard with an ancient performance stage. The ancestral hall is vast and solemn, but it’s unlikely that it will send shivers down your spine (like the facade did to me). After looking for too long at every detail of the Pan clan ancestral hall, my eyes had already overdosed on excessive beauty and everything else seemed dull. The two adjacent temples, the Guansheng and Wutong temple seemed uninteresting and after a walk in the quiet slab-stone streets of the historical core of Jingping village which are dotted with Ming and Qing era courtyard mansions that belonged to government officials of the Pan clan, I rushed back to the Pan clan ancestral hall. Meanwhile, my driver had found a way through the village and parked the car on the square dominated by the temple. The village of Jingping (???) is located 15 km in Zhongfang Township (???) south of the city of Huaihua (??) in western Hunan province (??).

Although Jingping is very small and that Pan Clan Ancestral Hall described in this article is pretty much the only thing to see in the village, it is a must-stop if you travel between Fenghuang and Hongjiang.
July 15, 2015 by Vjay Leave a Comment Every individual who have crossed major age should have PAN Card (Permanent Account Number) as it is mandatory document to be produced while doing financial transactions like opening bank account, applying for debit or credit card, fixed deposit, purchase or sale of vehicle, selling or buying property, making insurance payment, while purchasing jewelry etc. Applying for PAN Card is very easy task you just need to fill the form correctly provide documents and passport size photograph and you are done.
So first we will explain step by step procedure on How to Apply for PAN Card Online, but before you start you will have to keep ready scanned copies of documents required to apply for PAN Card. Once you have these documents scanned copies you can carry following the next process to Apply for PAN Card Online. Scroll down the website and from Apply for a new PAN Card option scroll down menu select Individual and click on select button.
The first field in the form AO Code, you can find your AO Code (Area Code) by clicking here or else you can even call Income Tax department helpline at 18001801961 to find out your AO Code.
Once you are done click on submit button, in the next screen you will be asked to review all the details which you have filled.
On successful payment you will get acknowledgement form containing 15-digit acknowledgement number, print the acknowledgement form and attach two passport sized photograph in the space provided. Put the acknowledgement form into an envelope with document photocopies (duly self-attested) as mentioned. And once NSDL processes your PAN Card Application the PAN Card will be delivered to your postal address.
Once you have filled the form completely Affix Recent passport sized photograph and sign across the photo. Once you submit the form to UTITSL Center you will receive an acknowledgment containing a unique number on acceptance of this form. Besides the regular bus, there is a fleet of illegal taxis waiting near the river to drive you north. Explaining to the driver where was that ancient village and negotiating the fare was burlesque and the driver finally gave me that ‘why that crazy foreigner wants to go this forsaken village I never heard of’. Once in front of the Pan clan ancestral hall (???), it took my mind and my eyes a while to adjust to with reality. Under the mythic reptiles, two kirin riding on stylised clouds solemnly guard the entrance. Beyond a large square sky-well, there are three different altars on which we find the stone tablets which record the name of all the Pan family ancestors.
In public transportation, honestly, I’m not sure where to take the bus (because I came from Hongjiang), but one thing is sure, you have to take a bus heading south towards Qianyang ?? (also called Qiancheng ??).

This place is pretty much off the radar and very few travellers know about this place … even my driver who was a local guy had never heard about this village. Below are the list of documents which includes Proof of Address, Proof of Identity, and Proof of Date of Birth acceptable to apply for PAN Card. 49A Application for Allotment of Permanent Account Number, so now you will have to fill the form correctly by entering valid details as per your documents. Once you are confirmed that all entered details are correct just enter the captcha and click on confirm button. Note down the transaction number at the top of the page and click Agree and make the payment. 49A Application for Allotment of Permanent Account Number enclose photo copies of Proof of Address, Proof of Identity and Proof of Date of Birth duly self-attested. These timeless, elegant, Classic Colours guarantee beautiful, usable colour all the time, every time.
This semi-industrial, semi-agricultural landscape of southwest Hunan province looked bleak and gloomy. The kirin, or qilin (??) in Chinese, is a mythological animal with the body of a tiger topped with the head of dragon.
Here, the landscape represent the Jinding Mountain and the Baota Mountain in Henan province, where the first member of the Pan clan originally migrated from. Since December 2013, there is a new highway linking Huaihua to the Qiancheng and Tongdao in the south.
If you have any doubts or to avoid mistakes you can follow Instructions for Filling Form 49A and Guidelines for Filling Form 49A.
A collection of 1,680 inspired hues that consumers and professionals have enjoyed for years, the colours in this palette are as timeless as they are forward.
I have traveled extensively throughout this continent-size country and I’m passionate about ancient villages.
My favourite region is the southwest which is home to most of China’s ethnic minorities.

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