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In this article we show you how to find your own mobile number in different mobile network providers.In India there are several network providers and sometimes when we take a new sim card, any error may occur or even we may forget our own mobile number. Dial *789# or *100# or *1# *147# *131# or *131*1# to find out your own number if your's is a idea sim card. Dial *555# or *555*0# or *111*2# or *777*0# or *131*0#  to find out your own number if your's is a Vodafone sim card. Dial *1# or *234*4# or *888# or *122*131# or *131# to find out your own number if your's is a Aircel sim card.
CHILDLINE had organized an outreach programme in association with Vodafone employees to spread awareness about Child Protection. Sikha Grover, Senior Manager, Resource and Mobilization, CHILDLINE India Foundation (CIF), briefed around 100 Vodafone employees about the organization and the task at hand. They set about distributing fliers, sticking stickers and posters in small shops as they spoke to the owners, dialing in to 1098 from phone booths to make sure the numbers connected, urging people to save the number 1098 into their phones and to call whenever they saw a child in distress.

The price indicated here is a fully working and undamaged device price, which is subject to phone condition. Please answer all the grading question(s) below, to get more accurate price for your phone. 1.Press *#06# on the handset keypad - the IMEI number will be displayed on the screen of your phone. 2.Remove the battery from the back of your phone - the IMEI number should be displayed on a sticker underneath the battery. Your mobile powers up to the main screen and remains powered up for 5 minutes or during entire grading process. March 18, 2010, the Vodafone Corporate Office Terrace looked like it has undergone a makeover.
The briefing included an introduction to the outreach programme, its objective, conduct and methods.

Some volunteer's enthusiasm also took them to a nearby Radio: Red FM's office and do a spontaneous awareness live on air. This set the ball rolling for fun games, in which each employee participated with a child buddy for the day.
Casing should not be in pieces, scratches and marks as a result of normal wear and tear are deemed acceptable. There was also a sessions with colours, where they painted Mugs, bags, bookmarks, greeting cards with their little buddies. It was mid morning, and the summer sun was bright, highlighting the enthusiasm and zest of the people standing at the terrace.

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