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Some people like to collect birth certificates of famous people and this is a great way to start your collection. Sometimes paperwork gets lost and when you need an important document you simply can't find it.
If your parents don't have a copy of your birth certificate and you need it for that new job you start in the morning and you can't get to the Virginia county records office personally, you still have an option here at Virginia Records Search.
It doesn't matter if it's 3am on a Saturday, the servers that generate this information never sleep, and by getting that Virginia birth certificate, now you can.

There a re a lot of famous people from Virginia and their birth certificates may be viewable. We are not lawyers and this site urges you to find a professional attorney in your area with any legal issue.
Use our free search form to find and search for people in VA and get the Virginia public information you need fast. Click here to Search Nationwide Public Records by maiden name, spouse name, age, DOB or SSN for unlisted numbers, addresses, roommates and family members.

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