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Although you might not think that it is possible, you can find whose phone number it isby signing up for a program like Phone Detective.
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If you were registered on fortyacresofyellow, your account is already on this site, you just have to reset your password. I'm trying to find out if the other page is necessary to VRT as it doesn't seem to contain any relevant information. So backroaders, to sum up, I'm trying to find out if anyone has VRT'd a car with only the first page of the V5 or who knows if it can be done? Don't know for sure but I doubt you've a chance getting that VRT'd without the second page. I never specifically asked if he had the V5, didn't think I'd need to really, I assumed it'd need to be signed for exchange of ownership like with our log books but apparently it's slightly different in UK. I decided to brave the traffic this afternoon and took a spin to Greenhills Test Centre to ask in person.
I went in with the section from a V5c which was the Export part, and this wasn't acceptable.

This service can help you to findinformation on the caller, who they are, what their address is, what type of phone it isand even who their carrier is.“I knew that my daughter had a boyfriend but needed to know who he was.
I flew over myself to pick the car up from the dealer but when I arrived he told me the V5 wasn't in yet(presumably back from DVLA?) and that he'd post it on to me when it arrives.
I've tried calling NCTS who refer me to their VRT line who will only handle bookings and will not answer inquiries. I did explain over the phone that I would be exporting and driving to Ireland that day however! I showed them the page of V5 I have and they assured me that it would be no problem for VRT.
Even though there is supposed to be some kind of system in place where we can put our phone number on a “Do Not Call” list, the truth is that it really doesn’t work and many people and companies ignore that list altogether.
I found his phonenumber and it only took a minute to find out more on him.” - Sally, NMWhy Would You Use This?If you are getting a lot of prank calls, then the reasons for this are obvious – you canquickly identify who is harassing you.
Instead of answering, complete one or more simple Internet searches to discover the origin of the number. I explained that he just needed to remove the Permanent export slip for the DVLA and send the rest to me. But, if you are being subjected to collection callsor telemarketers, being able to identify them before you pick up the phone cansometimes end up saving you a lot of hassle and a lot of money, too. I've even tried Revenue but there is no definitive answer on their website and they have no phone contact for VRT!

We all have people in our lives, both past and present, with whom weprefer not to talk to, and in these tough economic times, most of us also get our fairshare of calls from bill collectors. Especially in thecase of scam callers or telemarketers, once you know who they are, it makes it a loteasier to report them, which will then eventually get you removed from their list.
You might also find that you get more than enoughtelemarketers calling your home at all hours of the day.When you are able to find whose phone number it is, you can often put an end to thesecalls or block them on your end so that they are unable to call you. If you receive a large number of results, place quotations around the last seven digits of the phone number and submit the search again. About us Use of this site constitutes acceptance of the Terms of use, Cookie policy, and Privacy policy of eHow. But if you want to dothat, you will need to find out who they are first.How Can You Find Information on a Caller?There are a few ways that you can find information on thepeople or companies that are calling you even if all you haveto work with is a phone number. Although you can certainlysearch by phone number online or use one of the free reversephone directories, chances are that you won’t get muchinformation from those resources.What about a Paid Service?You might be surprised at just how much information you can get on someone as soonas you have their phone number. You can learn a lot by using a paid reverse phonelookup service, in short because they are able to access thousands of databases and giveyou information on hundreds of millions of phone numbers. Make sure the service has some type of money-back guarantee or no charge guarantee if you are not satisfied with the results.

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