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WATCH: When Aishwarya Rai Kicked Off Her Heels And Danced To 'Dola Re' Like Nobody Was Watching! The Indian Institute of Science, Bengaluru, has taken the top spot among its Indian counterparts, bagging the 147th rank. The only other Indian institute to make it to the top 200 is Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, ranked 179th this year.
According to the QS World University Rankings 2015, there are 14 Indian institutions in the World University Rankings and half of them are among the global 400. The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) is the world's top university, closely followed by Harvard.
In an exclusive interview to TOI, Ben Sowter, QS head of research, said, "India has two institutions in the top 200 this year, which has occurred as a result of QS evolving its methodology to be more even-handed across subject areas and it has revealed strength in research in engineering, technology and the natural sciences.
The US is the dominant nation, with 49 institutions, ahead of the UK (30), the Netherlands (12), Germany (11), Canada, Australia, and Japan (8), China (7), France, Sweden and Hong Kong (5). Sowter adds "If, however, India and her universities are serious about competing internationally, then they have to start engaging internationally.
Sowter added "The current priorities of its HE system are domestic, the country has unique demographics that are very difficult to comprehend for many outside observers. Sowter also says that "India's universities have clear strengths in technology and natural sciences, and with the historic emphasis on medical research now neutralized, are reflected in their rightful place in this year's tables.
Commenting on Britain's performance, mayor of London Boris Johnson said "London is unequivocally the education capital of the world. ETH Zurich (9th) breaks into the top 10 while the sharpest rise in the top echelon of the table is for the two leading Singaporean universities which make the top 15 for the first time ever.

This is not too much of a problem sitting at a desk doing route planning on a big monitor, especially for a route that will be used more than once, though in that case I'd think you'd remember it after the first time! My mock-up above shows a search 40 miles ahead on the route, 0.5 miles away from the route. Obviously, the wording might need to be altered, but I think it is fairly self-explanatory just the way it is now. OK, I know I ran across some older posts where people described needing something like this. This 44 pixel HomeDepot icon shows up the same no matter what the zoom level, so it is easily visible even at the zoom level shown above where the built-in POIs are tiny green squares that all look alike. AFAIK, there is apparently no way to assign custom icons to built-in POIs, icons that will show up big enough at any zoom level to recognize what they are at a glance.
As it is now, the only option for categories in the "Find nearby places list is to hide it (as shown on the left), which not only hides it on the map, it also causes the category to disappear from the list shown below. There are other options available for individual places within each category, but as it is now, you have to click on each one, one at a time, to use them. And if was possible have this same feature for more than one category by to shift-selecting multiple categories, that could be helpful too. IMO, while I like the Firefox interface shown above, and it's nice to be able to 'drag' the pointer over an area to select multiple items, sometimes this can be slower than using the checkboxes as in Hotmail, so having checkboxes to select which ones you want is useful. I just realized that at some point after S&T2007, Microsoft removed the capability to convert all places in a category to stops (shown below). Unfortunately Navigon didn't make any provision to prevent nearby POI icons from displaying on top of one another.

The point of all this is so that you can tell at a glance what POIs are near your current position, or where you are heading. The remains of the theme park are still standing today, completely open to anyone brave enough to visit. The empty tunnels still exist, half-way finished and running along the underbelly of the city. For some reason, spiders are drawn to this real-life Hellmouth and swarm there by the thousands.
How does it make sense for Xi'an Jiaotong University to have higher proportions of international students and faculty than IIT Delhi?
What India should probably focus on, is having its universities focus on fostering global citizens with leadership potential, whilst maintaining its strengths in research in engineering, technology and natural sciences.
It's the same search function as searching around the entire route, except limited to a part of the route from your current GPS location to a point ahead however many miles you designate. But even having to do it category by category would be a huge improvement over the way it is now, having to click on each place, one at a time.
While I would not necessarily want to convert all the places in a group to stops, this does show how it could work to show the nametag or info (or better yet, a custom logo) for each place shown below as a numbered route point in a yellow box: At the zoom level shown above, none of the built-in POIs (places) are visible on the map, but converting them to stops creates numbered yellow boxes (route points) at each one, providing their approximate location. But as POI lists grow ever larger, the changes I've outlined above would allow users to better utilize S&T's built-in POIs, by customizing how they are organized and by making them easier to see at a glance at any zoom level.

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