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Android Enthusiasts Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for enthusiasts and power users of the Android operating system. How about taking the SIM out and see the number printed on its back side (the other side of the contact surface) or next to it?
Because of the huge number of different models of Android phone and the wide range of different software versions, you may find that your handset doesn’t have the SIM number in the same place. On another note: Many Providers forget to configure the SIM Cards phone number onto the SIM Card. If you find out what the number is and want to correct the problem for the future, check out this thread. Dialing *1# in my LG P500 resulted in a message MSISDN:YYXXXXXXXXXX, where YY is my country code and XXXXXXXXXX is my 10 digit mobile number. Because it has attracted low-quality or spam answers that had to be removed, posting an answer now requires 10 reputation on this site. Not the answer you're looking for?Browse other questions tagged sim-card or ask your own question.
In a formal paper, should I censor "brainf**k", the name of a programming language? If you ever need to transfer your phone number or activate a new SIM, there's a good chance you'll need your SIM number.
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AccessoriesCheck out the best deals on covers, screen protectors and more at our partner, Carphone Warehouse. If one of our agents has given you a 6 digit login code, please type it into the box below. I have never felt the need to change my mobile network provider, and I have been using the same provider for last eight years. When I told the intelligent looking salesgirl my problem, she smiled at me, asked me whether I had an Android phone.

If you also want to know all the possible details about your SIM card, then you can also use the Sim Details app in your Android smartphone. It can show you details like phone number, IMEI number, SIM serial number, subscriber ID, network type, network code, operator type, operator code, voicemail tag, voicemail number, ICC card type and more. Verdict: Sim Details is a very useful app for Android users and allows them to know everything there is to know about their SIM cards. I recently traveled to another country and I'm using a local prepaid sim card on my Galaxy S2. My prepaid credit was depleted rather quickly, and when I checked the phone record I found out my phone was sending two sms messages each day, about one minute apart from each other - one to my old number and one to my wife's number (as far as I can tell the only thing special about my wife's number is that with my old sim card I used to call it a lot).
These two numbers are in my home country, so the sms messages were very expensive, and that is why my prepaid credit was depleted so quickly.
Now that my credit is depleted I still sometimes get a message from the mobile carrier saying they can't deliver a message I was supposedly trying to send (though really I wasn't) because I have no credit - so my phone is still trying to send these messages.
So I'm stuck with no credit, and I don't want to recharge my card because my phone keeps trying to send these messages and it will deplete my credit again.
Now as far as I can tell all these apps came preinstalled by Google or Samsung, and therefore supposed to be trusted. When I bought my device, about a year ago, I turned on the feature "SIM change alert - Send SMS when SIM card is changed".
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Why do some mobile apps have mute buttons when the device has physical mute & volume switches? Nexus devices, Moto X, Moto G), you can find this by going to Settings -> About Phone -> Status -> and this is listed as ICCID.
Either calling another phone with it and checking it via Caller ID or if that doesn't work, call the Provider and ask for it via the SIM Serial?
And as you would expect after so much time and having used the same SIM card in more than five mobile phones, one day it just stopped working.
Although it has a useful share option in it, it would have been much better if it could save the details to a text file or PDF document. Of course I didn't send any messages myself, nor is there any record of them in the outgoing messages.

It does make me wonder though, why WhatsApp needs permission to send sms messages in the first place - it's supposed to send messages only by using the internet connection isn't it? A Google search led me to this forum post that describes this security feature, and when I read it I recalled that I turned it on.
Android is a constantly evolving operating system, and so these instructions may not be identical for every model of smartphone.
Also, do you have the message that was sent to your wife (by asking her, as you stated you don't have the message in your outbox)?
I don't know if placing the old SIM will make the settings work, but I know this thing is sending messages out every time I restart phone, but I can't get into the settings and change it! After I enabled it again, the Settings app didn't crash and I was able to authenticate and disable the feature.
We've included instructions for some of the more common places you can find your SIM number – or 'ICCID', as it's sometimes known. Finding your SIM number in the Settings menu Drag your finger down from the top of the phone screen to make the notification panel appear, then press the cog icon in the top-right corner to go in to your phone's Settings menu. All I had to do is fill in an application form with the mobile number and the SIM serial number associated with the old SIM card. On some phones, you may need to swipe down twice from the top of the phone's screen to see the cog icon. Once you can see your Settings menu, scroll to the very bottom of the list and tap on About (or About Phone). It must have been written in the booklet that came with the SIM card when I first bought it 8 years ago, but now I longer have that booklet. On some phones, like the HTC One, your SIM number will appear as your 'IMSI' number (International Mobile Subscriber Identity).

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