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By Macworld Dec 30, 2015, 5:00 pm888 ptsAt some point in time, you may need to know your iPhonea€™s serial number and SIM number.
All IPhone 4 & IPad customers worldwide have a couple options to convert their existing sim card to micro size 3FF format. All IPhone 4 & IPad customers worldwide have a couple options to convert their existing sim card to micro size 3FF format. If you are the proud owner of a new Apple Ipad or the Iphone 4 you will probably have worked out that both these new apple devices now use the new micro sim 3FF format. This will present you with a number problems as you may want to use your existing full size sim in your shiny new apple device. Well first of all, your chances of achieving a perfect cut first time round is pretty much impossible to cut by hand as you will not achieve the precise cut needed, you will get it wrong time after time . Tip to use is if you really want to use scissors and risk it then divert all you call to another number in case you damage it so you don’t loose incoming calls while awaiting a replacement network simcard.
You can use these USSD codes below to set your divert option quickly % is a useful way if  you cant find the menu in your phones. As a precaution the rebel sim team recommend you divert your sim to a number that you have access to.
Simple 1 click to Cut & you are ready to use your favourite iPhone 4 or iPad with the your existing network simcard. If you don’t like taking unnecessary risks or you have multiple network simcard to cut then one of the  the Rebel Micro sim cutters are highly recommended.
This will help keep your blood pressure down and keep your hair and nail intact as this tool is especially designed to do the job.

When using the Rebel Micro sim cutters users can Relax and have peace of mind knowing they will up up and running on no time at all.
If you are a Shop Keeper Dealing in mobile phones and intend on cutting Simcards daily in the 100’s the tool to do the job is the high Grade Pro Version of the Rebel Micro sim cutter.
Rebel Pro Micro sim Cutter Design for the power  users who will be using the tool daily in shops and can handle up to 100,000 cuts to be made to convert mini sim to micro format and the Pro Version can be Self Serviced & the design has been made especially so that users dismantle this themselves. This is a very superior design and unlike other other cutters in the market users are able to operate with 2 fingers and need to apply only little force to make a successful accurate cut. Cutting micro simcards with the Latest Design of the Rebel Lite Micro Sim cutter has becomes childs play.
No need to apply high amounts of pressure to make the cut as the advanced mechanism within out cutter does the hard work for you. Limited time Only All Rebel Simcard sim cutter orders Receive a FREE iphone 3 Screen Protector. The Rebel Micro to mini adapters are the highest grade worldwide and have a click in mechanism. As a Promotional Launch Offer for iPhone 4 Users both Designs of the Rebel Micro sim Cutters are on offer where you receive a not only 5 High Grade Micro sim adapters FREE but also  a FREE Screen Protector which can alone save you more than ?10 compared to any other offer worldwide. New Upgraded Design Rebel Micro to Mini sim Converters Now shipping with all Rebel Cutter Products. The Quality our Micro to Mini adapters are second to none  and the Best and Highest Grade available worldwide. Unlike other inferior designs where you need to use Tape or stickers to hold your micro sim in place so its does not fall inside your phone or move around causing you to loose network signal frequently.

The Rebel Micro Mini to micro sim Adapter has special Click in Design that also keeps your network sim secure. Rebel Micro sim Adapter is a professional’s tool and can have you up and running in phones that use normal mini size simcards in no time at all and just a few simple clicks. Is it possible to still use a network Simcard that’s already been purchased or has been cut to 3FF Micro Size  format ? If you own an Apple Ipad or Iphone 4 then you will already be using a Micro Size Network Simcard inside your Device.  Should you ever need to take out the Micro Size Sim card the before you can use it another phone that takes a regular size Mini Simcard you would need to place you micro sim inside the Rebel Micro to Mini size Adapter. Low on Battery power and you have no means of charging your Apple Device and no alternative but to use another phone that takes regular mini size network simcards. If your ipad or Iphone 4 goes in for repair or needs restoring on iTunes before it can function again then you can at least you get yourself up and running on another normal phone that takes standard mini size simcards till you are ready once again use your Iphone 4 or ipad.
And if you dona€™t have your own phone number memorized, well, it goes without saying that youa€™ll need to look that up, too.
One option is to go medieval on your full size sim and use the Scissors or Stanley knife method.

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