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While my car was in to have the front brakes renewed on Friday March 27th, one of the mechanics commented that someone had stolen my licence plate sticker.
Most of us simply clean off the surface of the previous sticker and put the new one on top of it. This simple theft allows them to avoid the need to bother about paying for an Emissions Test, paying the plate renewal fee of $74.00, or the new Toronto private vehicle tax (only in Toronto) and, by extension, probably drive uninsured.
Unless these drivers are stopped by the police for some reason and the ownership validation sticker number is checked against the number on the sticker on the license plate, they may well get away with it for years. On Monday I went to the Ministry of Transportation to obtain my new sticker; the staff there indicated that this occurrence is quite common.
This time, I scraped the sticker location on my licence plate completely clean of old stickers, washed the site with lighter fluid, and then applied the new sticker and rubbed it down well. The lady that served me at the Ministry indicated that once the site is cleaned off and the new sticker is applied and well rubbed down, you can take a sharp Exacto knife or something similar and very carefully score lines vertically and horizontally across the sticker. Whenever you replace your validation sticker, my advice is to completely remove all traces of the old sticker(s) and follow the process above. Note: While this happened in Toronto , it could happen anywhere in the province -- or for that matter, anywhere that uses a similar licence plate validation sticker. While I tend to see vanity license plates as an extra, unneeded expense, there are a lot of people who think they are worth the money.
I tried to convince her that she should keep the plate for the humor and because it must totally shock those young men when they drive up, but I wasn’t persuasive enough.

This entry was posted in Cars, Personal Finance and tagged funny, humor, license plate, mistake, unintentional meaning, vanity plate. Award prizes to the winning team and consider giving the driver of the winning car a gas card. You can find more automobile themed party ideas in a blog Aunt Mo wrote about a Family Reunion Hot Wheels Party. Video shows suspect inside Home Depot, then exiting the store and running with the shopping cart in the parking lot.
When I asked what he was talking about, he took me to the back of the car to show me where someone had removed my newly applied February 2010 Ontario vehicle validation sticker. That way, all a thief has to do is to pry off the layered stack, clean up the back and glue your sticker onto their own license plate, or worse, sell it to someone else to apply it to theirs. At least then the thieves will give up, or possibly try to steal someone else's sticker, not yours. If you happen to be one of those people, make sure that you have someone you trust review the vanity plate’s meaning before getting them. We explained that the young men that were driving up next to the car were likely reading the plate a bit differently.
She made the decision to get the vanity plates replaced, losing the $49 it cost to get them in the first place. A man with the license plate XXX XXXX ended up with over $19,000 worth of parking tickets because law enforcement wrote down XXX XXXX for parking tickets for cars that had no license plate.

It should be reasonable-anywhere from 1 to 2 hours, enough time to get the amount of photos in the scavenger hunt.
It is most fun to project the pictures up on a large screen or wall so that everyone can see the photos the other teams took.
Go to the slide of the nearest playground and get of picture of each team member going down it. Incidentally, as the licence plate is aluminum, there is no risk of rusting due to the scoring. If you don’t, you may find that most people assume their meaning is something completely different than what you intended. While he probably didn’t ultimately have to pay for the tickets, he also probably ended up spending a lot of time straightening out the entire situation. There will be lots of cheering and booing but being able to view all the photos just makes the activity that much more fun. She said that young men would seem to race up next to her car with a grin on their faces, then they seemed to be shocked when she made eye contact with them.

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