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It’s hard to ignore the bias that comes with the bi-weekly podcast: it’s financed by the Adnan Syed Trust, a legal fund created to fight to overturn the conviction of the Woodlawn High School student accused of killing his ex-girlfriend, Hae Min Lee, on Jan. To recap: Syed was convicted of murder in 2000 and is currently serving a life sentence in Maryland. EW has listened to over 14 hours of the podcast to highlight the top key findings that would heighten the interest of fans of Serial. If Gutierrez had paid closer attention to an AT&T cover sheet that included information about the cell phone towers pinged by Adnan’s phone on Jan.
The stark difference between the first interview that Wilds, the prosecution’s star witness, had with police and his subsequent meetings is puzzling. Now, the case: Undisclosed claims Wilds may have wanted the reward money to buy a motorcyle – something police may have known, too.
Undisclosed, which premiered in April, has a handful of episodes, plus bonus clips, left in its current season. Please enter at least one email addressYou are trying to send out more invites than you have remaining.
Though the prosecution offered no physical evidence or eyewitnesses that connected Syed to the crime, the State largely relied on the testimony of acquaintance Jay Wilds to corroborate with cell phone tower records. How did his initial recollection of a trip to McDonald’s turn into a visit to a friend’s house by the second interview? There was no production value of a This American Life podcast, no soothing sound of host Sarah Koenig’s voice, and not even a mispronunciation of the MailChimp ad.
But despite that vantage point, what Undisclosed has discovered since the days Serial signed off the air has been fascinating.
Wilds, who borrowed Syed’s phone and car for a portion of the day in question, said he helped Syed bury Lee’s body and eventually led cops to her car.

The lead detective on the case would usually report the indictment to CrimeStoppers by the first of the next month, leading to payment of the reward by the following month.
12, when someone supposedly made two anonymous calls to Detective Massey, telling him to look into Lee’s ex-boyfriend. For what they lack in Koenig’s knack for storytelling, the trio of hosts’ extensive knowledge of, and sources within, the courts system has delivered a number of discoveries that could potentially help the case. His involvement in the case, namely the inconsistencies in his statements to police and testimony on the witness stand, has been a hot topic of debate. Several times during the meetings, Wilds seems to transpose events in his narrative or pause for significant periods of time.
7, when the lead prosecutor, Kevin Urick, allegedly set up a meeting between Wilds and attorney Anne Benaroya, who agreed to represent him pro bono, and hashed out a plea deal that same day that ultimately resulted in Wilds’ getting no prison time after testifying against Syed at trial. Undisclosed learned that the full $3,075 reward was paid out to the tipster on Nov.
Case in point: Syed’s attorney filed a new court motion Monday morning arguing that cell phone evidence used in the trial was unreliable and should have been tossed. If her body was contorted for four to five hours after death, Lee should have displayed some lividity on her side. It is during these moments when a tapping sound is heard and Wilds then corrects his statement or suddenly remembers an answer, followed by an apology to the detectives.
On March 18, Wilds went on a ride-along with Detectives Ritz and MacGillivary, retracing his alleged movements on Jan.
Though nothing can be confirmed until the tipster’s identity is revealed, the podcast believes all signs point to Wilds being the person who made the CrimeStoppers tip.
The State claimed the pings from those calls placed Syed in the park, where he allegedly buried Hae. Anyone else could have presumably recovered the reward money by June since the indictment occurred two months prior.

However both of those calls were incoming calls, thus making it impossible to determine the location status.
1 payment on the tip could mean the detectives were waiting for Wilds’ plea deal before reporting the indictment to CrimeStoppers based on the fear of Wilds backing out of the case after getting the reward. They claim it could be possible that Wilds was interested in the reward money to buy Brown’s motorcycle, even though it was ultimately sold to someone else. Brown turned out to be Karl Brown, the only person out of the nearly 20 school faculty and staff members interviewed by cops that had no connection to both Syed and Lee. If the tipster does turn out to be Wilds, the failure to disclose this information would be a Constitutional violation that would lead to a new trial. Brown was Wilds’ soccer coach, and he was in the process of trying to sell his Suzuki RF600. In the detectives’ interview itinerary were two Kelley Blue Book printouts for two Suzuki motorcycle models, as they presumably did not know which model Brown had for sale.
Based on standard depreciation calculations, its expected resale value was approximately $3,000.
However when reached by Undisclosed, Brown said he had sold the motorcycle to someone else.

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