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How much you spend to cool your home is directly related to the performance and efficiency of your air conditioning system. The performance of the cooling and heating system is determined in a large part by the HVAC equipment’s operating efficiency. It is important to note that many utility companies will often compensate homeowners to the tune of hundreds of dollars to install high-efficiency systems. See the FPL Chart below to confirm what rebates are available to you when you install a high efficiency air conditioning system. A homeowner in Florida who installs an 16 SEER air conditioner system can save $2,070.00* in operating costs over the lifespan of their system and will prevent nearly 30,000 pounds of Green House Gases from being released into the atmosphere, the equivalent of removing 3 cars from the road each year or planting 4 acres of forest. He says he spent four or five minutes tumbling through the darkness of the pipe, which Florida Power & Light Co.

He made it out alive but Le Cun has filed a lawsuit against FPL over the July 12 experience. FPL spokesman Greg Brostowicz told CNN there’s a protective cap over the intake piping. Le Cun told CNN affiliate WPTV that he and a friend saw the yellow buoy that day and large submerged silhouettes underneath. This is not the first time a diver has been sucked into an intake pipe at the nuclear plant.
One of the most common mistakes we correct is people buying too large of a unit for their homes. As of January 2006, the federal government mandates that all new central air conditioning equipment be at least SEER-13, but there is equipment available rated as high as SEER-18 and even SEER-23!

Lucie Nuclear Power Plant in Florida that pulled in around 500,000 gallons of ocean water per minute. It happened in 1989 to William Lamm, who also survived, according to a report from United Press International. When all components are properly matched and sized to your home requirements.  Once this type of HVAC system is achieved all parts should perform as designed.
But, he said, he soon realized he’d lost control of the situation and started tumbling through the darkness of the pipe.

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