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Robert Templeman from the Naval Surface Warfare Center in Crane, Indiana and several of his friends from Indiana University recently developed an Android application that is capable of gathering pictures and videos from mobile devices in order to reconstruct a user's environment in 3D. How Can You Protect Yourself?Though this hasn't been released to any real hackers, it just goes to show that it's pretty easy for someone to develop a spy program like this that the victim simply carries around with them wherever they go.
So, just in case any mischievous hackers get any crazy ideas, what do you do to protect your device from unwanted espionage?Don't download applications that give it too many permissions.

Nokia's N8 gambled big on the N8's 12MP camera, but underspent most other places."Click through to view more. The application automatically mutes this sound in order to masks itself, but you can render that impossible for the app to do.
The application can also shoot video secretly, so monitor the phone carefully because long videos will leave obvious dents in your phone memory.

It tested out great and Templeman was able to collect valuable information from the 3D renditions.

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