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American and Canadian callers gifted another year of free Internet telephony, users in other countries offered low, low rates for using Gmail-powered voice calling. If you're a fan of free voice calling, Google's got your back—the search giant said Wednesday that free Google Voice calls via Gmail will be extended through 2013. Gmail-powered voice and video chat, available for download from Google, will remain free in the U.S. Gmail users in several other countries can also use Google Voice to make international voice calls at heavily discounted rates, Google said. Other countries serviced by Google Voice getting half-price or better on rates from local Internet telephony providers include France (10-cents-per-minute), Germany (10-cents-per-minute), and Mexico (15-cents-per-minute).
International callers will want to keep in mind that Google adds local tariffs like value-added taxes to the price of Google Voice purchases made online. For more, check out Hands On: Google Voice Voicemail Transcriptions and Google Voice Refresh Adds New Features & Icon for Android. A new report from 9to5Google indicates the search engine giant will move the functionality of the call forwarding and texting app to the Android and iOS apps of Google Hangouts.
9to5Google, which did not names its sources, also said Hangouts may integrate the ability to use a free VoIP connection to call phone numbers, much like the service already offered from Gmail on the Web.

If the free VoIP connection is launched, it could mean Android devices will be able to function as phones with a data plan. Although no specific timeframe was given on when Voice users can expect the change, it is likely to be “months out,” the publication wrote.
Currently, using Voice, users can hold conversations with as many as 10 people at once via Gmail, Google+ and Chrome. Not your average Android news -- a diverse mix of advice, insight, and analysis with veteran Android journalist JR Raphael.
Whether you've got the new compact iPhone SE or a gigantic iPhone 6s Plus, here are the apps you need to make the most of your smartphone.
Callers in India, for example, get a 2-cents-per-minute rate, compared with 9-cents-per-minute from the country's leading Internet telephony provider, according to the search giant.
Other similar voice and video services—notably Microsoft's Skype—have a lot more presence in the market, so that could be another rationale for keeping Google Voice free in the U.S.
The search giant pulled its Google Voice app for the iPhone from Apple's App Store in October 2011, but restored it about a week later. Wireless carriers are likely to be up in arms if it does indeed come to pass, because it bypasses their own services.

Life is not a fairy tale, though, and Google Voice has been treated like the red-headed step child in the family.ADVERTISEMENTThe application and website have received no significant updates for ages, until today.
Our hope for a future with a more integrated service has been revived as Hangouts calls start being supported by the official Google Voice website.You can simply head to the Google Voice site and place a call.
There isn’t even a need to have a Google+ account!What does this mean for the future of Google Voice? Probably not, but this is a good step in the right direction.As for the immediate future, users will find great benefit in this new feature. Either that or you could have Google Voice call you through Google Talk in Gmail.This proved to be both inconvenient and confusing to the user.
Its my understanding that voice is a complete mess and requires almost a complete rewrite for hangouts, thus the delay and lack of attentionI hope it gets rolled out internationally too. Id really like to use WIFI calling but no existing services really works well for me, just need calling in hangouts larry!

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