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Republic is charging $299 (plus taxes and fees) for the Moto X, but they offer it with no long-term contract required. The $10 per month plan: For an additional $5 per month, this Republic plan offers cellular access, but only for unlimited talk and unlimited texting. As we said earlier, the Republic Wireless program may not be right if you’re looking for a free cell phone program. My phone worked the first month I got it once it renewed it said roaming and I haven't been able to use it since.
I personally think NBC News (any News agency) as well as many of our elected officials cater to the money that helps pay their bills. In Washington State, a wireless company who is coordinating with the Federal government to give out free cell phones and wireless service to the poor on the taxpayer's dime is now using Craigslist to solicit workers to shovel out the devices. We (Touch Wireless) are looking for Agents to help market the lifeline free cell phone program and help them sign up. This is a federally funded program that provides a free cell phone with 250 free monthly minutes and 250 monthly text to people who are on government assistance.
Even though some in Congress have been outraged at the waste and growing bureaucracy, the fact of the matter is, once a program is created by Uncle Sam, it rarely goes away, and quite often, becomes a monster of fraud and waste. Fantastic tips as usual and you were right-- I haven't seen a lot of these before anywhere else!
To understand why there are free government phones, you need to first understand a little about the Lifeline and Link-Up programs. When these programs were first instituted, the Lifeline Assistance program and Link-Up America which are supported by the federal Universal Service Fund (USF), the intent was to help low income individuals by providing discounted home phone service. The programs are administered by the Federal Communications Commission and the Universal Service Administrative Company.
However, those states that have instituted their own program, the eligibility requirements differ depending on state regulation. LaForey is a parent and a freelance writer who has done quite a bit of research on prepaid cell phones and free government phones. My life link phone was stolen and some one is using it, what should I do to stop them from getting more free time on my phone?
The federal government sponsors a wide range of initiatives to ensure that all people have access to basic needs. Free government phones have given hope to people who could not afford cell phone service before. Another way in which free mobile phones seem to have benefited people is the ability to communicate with friends and family.
If you think that a free government cell phone program is too good to be true, Federal government Lifeline Assistance program is possible in some states for people who qualify. The free government cell phone program was created in 1985 to ensure that people with low income have access to affordable service and is not deprived from communication with family members, job searches and emergency services. About 34 percent of American homes only use and receive almost all of their calls on a wireless telephone despite having a landline, according to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
Cellular phones became an absolute necessity for many people to receive and place calls to business associates and family as well as access emails.

As the program cost tripled from $819 million in 2008 to $2.2 billion in 2012, so has the rise of abuse risk. The free phone program is open to those who earn less than the federal poverty guidelines for their state, on Medicaid, food stamps, or other assistance programs. In January 2012, the Federal Communications Commission tightened the rules of the program and estimated that 15 percent of its subscribers would be weeded out under the reformed and modernized program. Only one free phone in any household is allowed and every year you have to verify if you qualify for the program.
The Chicago Cubs continue to dominate with another victory captured on Thursday, May 5, 2016. Republic Wireless got our attention recently when it began offering unlimited talk, unlimited text and unlimited data beginning at just $5 per month.
The company just announced that it is now offering the hot, new Motorola MotoX for just $299. In fact, you could sign up for a Republic plan one day and cancel it the next day if that’s what you wanted to do.
But it’s still one hell of a bargain for those who want more from their cell phone plan.
This plan gives you unlimited talk, unlimited text and unlimited data via both wifi and 3G cellular. We just got off the phone with TAG and they confirmed that they are still offering free government cell phones in Arkansas. Alternately, you could also just shut your phone off so that it has no incoming or outgoing calls for two months.
These programs set the ground work for all of the existing free and government assisted phone programs. It helps offset the activation, installation and monthly service fees that can put a strain on families of low income. Each state has the option of relying solely on the federal program or instituting its own program. These opportunities may include medical care, education, housing, communication, transportation, among others.
While this program has spanned multiple administrators, it was nicknamed “Obamaphone” by conservatives in 2012 after a supporter viral video touting the mobiles. Early mobile devices can only be used in areas with a strong signal but technological advances now equip contemporary phones with GPS to allow authorities to track location in the event of an emergency. However, depending on the state you live, you can choose from the four major cell phone providers who participate in the Lifeline Assistance program.
There were reports of multiple phones going to one person, being sent to underage residents, and even to illegal immigrants processing their visa. In fact, it already eliminated 1.1 million duplicate subscriptions and saved $214 million last year. The only catch is that they require you to purchase their internet-ready cell phones at market prices.
You probably won’t notice the difference unless you check out the green on-screen indicator.

But if you are willing to pay a little more to get a lot more, Republic and their new Moto X phone may be exactly what you need.
For those states that rely solely on the government program, the eligibility is based on Federal guidelines. The phone provider companies are not limited to the big name providers such as AT&T, Verizon and the like. If you see an item and a charge for Universal Service, that means your phone provider is passing some of the cost for the program on to you. Your phone provider cannot collect more in universal service charges than they actually paid, nor can they charge universal service fees to Lifeline customers.
Free government phones are allowing low income families access to emergency services at no cost. This opportunity has been extended to tens of millions of Americans across the all 50 States.
However, the recent audit revealed that 41 percent of nearly 6 million subscribers did not meet the requirements.
Phone providers also include paging service companies, wireless companies and even VOIP companies such as Vonage (VoIP stands for voice over internet protocol: You know those phone companies that use the internet for making calls).
It should be noted that these cell phones are not just provided by the government but rather, a collaboration with privately owned network providers. In order for one to qualify for this program, there are a number of necessary qualifications.
That means all your calls, all your texts, all your data must be accessed via wifi signals. If you live and work in a wifi rich environment and are willing to trade occasional inability to find a wifi signal for all that the plan offers, this could be perfect for you.
If you are already on a government sponsored program like Welfare or Medicaid then you qualify for the Lifeline program. People in low income brackets may not be able to afford the high cost of owning a cell phone. If you get the 4G with Republic remember you might not have use of it except in large cities. Those commercials for Verizon that show the map show the 4G map coverage only and 3G is pretty much everywhere so their ads are really misleading. Yes, you will have to pay $299 for the phone upfront but it pays for itself in a few months. Even if you have to pay an early termination fee it will save you money over the next year or two.

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