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Senior citizens have a lot on their plates to worry about, without the insecurity of being cut off communication media being added to the list. The question regarding free government cell phones for seniors is one with an obvious answer. The elderly are prone to a number of diseases that can affect the well being of an individual at any time, without or without symptoms, and having free government cell phones for seniors living in conditions that deprave them of the ability to purchase a cell phone can be life-changing. The provision of free government cell phones for seniors is a part of the Lifeline program of the government.
Browse through the lists of services provided by various telecommunication companies to check which of them offer free government cell phones for seniors, and shortlist the companies that you are most comfortable dealing with.
The procedure for application and approval of free government cell phones for seniors differs from state to state, and from company to company, requiring you to do your homework well in order to be served well. Free government cell phones for seniors are provided as a part of the Lifeline program of the American government. It is important that no other member of the household is a beneficiary of Lifeline services. As a senior citizen you would do well to consider acquiring a cell phone, and if your limited allowance does not permit the same, get the necessary documents in order to seek free government cell phones for seniors. This entry was posted in General and tagged Eligibility, Free cell phones, Seniors on September 3, 2012 by admin. As a result, more students are signing up for food stamps, which automatically qualifies them for free government cell phones and low-income internet programs.
According to CBS-TV Atlanta, an increasing number of college students are signing up for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, more commonly known as food stamps. What’s not so commonly known is that participation in the food stamp program automatically qualifies students for free government cell phones and cheap internet programs. Eligibility requirements for food stamps vary slightly from state to state, but include income standards and, often, work requirements.
The free government cell phone and cheap internet programs are part of a program named Lifeline, which is designed to bridge the digital divide in America. Yeah I am a college student in Tucson arizona, I do have foodstamps would I still be eligible?
Im in my fourth year of college attempting to get my bachelors degree in business management at Texas A & M.
My phone worked the first month I got it once it renewed it said roaming and I haven't been able to use it since. I personally think NBC News (any News agency) as well as many of our elected officials cater to the money that helps pay their bills.
My cell phone was stolen can u please contact me at 865-464-0843 and stop service until i speak with someone. October 28, 2013Believe it or not, you may be able to get a free government cell phone when you sign up for ObamaCare.

According to the Nashville Business Journal, Community Health Alliance (CHA), the official ObamaCare health insurance co-op in Tennessee, is luring in potential healthcare insurance consumers by offering them of a free Obama Phone. Strange as it may sound, the CHA enrollment promotion offers health insurance in exchange for a smartphone.
CHA justifies making a free smartphone part of healthcare by saying it will make it far easier for patients to stay connected with their medical care providers and will also help the organization stay in touch with its members. We’re sure that cynics will scoff at this proposal, but it makes complete sense to us. Nice try, but I sense just a bit of cynicism and sarcasm overriding the sincerity at the source of this piece. It’s becoming very difficult for some people to differentiate between government-sponsored necessities and gratuitous perks that are the result of neo-liberal socialism.
I don’t buy the assertion that poor kids absolutely need in-home Internet as a veritable lifeline to a better future.
While it’s no effective solution after the fact, in a noble effort to partially rectify socio-economic disparity and distress indigent people should reproduce less. America has made its own poverty, and social welfare programs have never been truly effective responses to ignorant actions or indifference.
I must say that the number of polite and sincere requests I’ve seen among the comments here is touching, even though they are mostly steeped in naivete. This is so goddam stupid because me and the rest of the middle class, not the upper class, has to pay for a luxury that these people don’t even need.
I would like to have one those Obama government free phones and I need a new number cause I don’t have one now and need it soon. Free government cell phones for seniors is an initiative that soothes the not only the elderly but their families too.
Though the free minutes provided by the scheme may not allow daily chatting, the talk time is sufficient to make emergency calls.
National and regional telecommunication service providers have signed up to provide free government cell phones for seniors, and these are the companies that must be approached for an elderly individual to claim their cellular phones. Typically, a crisply arranged questionnaire must be filled out and submitted online that kickstarts the process of providing free government cell phones for seniors. A senior citizen is required to hail from a household that is incapable of affording the purchase and maintenance of a cell phone, or is the beneficiary of any of a range of schemes aimed at the economically challenged. The term household is used to refer to a group of people living together in the same house, sharing a common address. As an elderly member of the society, your contribution to your community over the years is recognized and applauded by the US government, which is why schemes such as the provision of free government cell phones for seniors have been launched and enforced. While the food stamp program was originally designed help families, many students also qualify. They can also get high speed broadband internet service for just $9.95 per month and a home computer for as little as $150.

Due to recent changes in my family’s financial status, due to my mothers renal failure I will be in need of assistance this year. We just got off the phone with TAG and they confirmed that they are still offering free government cell phones in Arkansas.
Alternately, you could also just shut your phone off so that it has no incoming or outgoing calls for two months.
Just make sure you tell the new company that you want to "port your number." That will assure that you get the same phone number. Helping low-income Americans stay in touch with their medical care providers has always been one of the free government cell phone program’s stated goals. Businesses should physically remain in America, not just in corporate name, for the provision of livable wages. MENIFEE CA 92584-9477 PHONE 1951805**** IS FRON MY SISTER IN LAW BUT SHE GIVE ME DE REFERRAL. When entitled to free government cell phones for seniors by companies working in collaboration with governments, the elderly need no longer worry about managing the funds of their social security allowances. No household is allowed to possess more than one subsidized cell phone, and you are advised to ensure the same before applying for free government cell phones for seniors. Be aware of what old age brings with it, and keep a cell phone handy so that you can call out for help when you need it. My mothers gradual decline in health has dropped my family’s income to a single income from my father I will be on my own as far as financial responsibility as a student to lessen the burden on my father, I am seeking any assistance you would graciously grant me as I continue my schooling and asist caring for my mother. In order for you to see this page as it is meant to appear, we ask that you please re-enable your Javascript!
Even though ours is a nation of immigrants, can’t bleeding heart social reformists see the largely unchecked influx of them as a detriment in the modern economy? Internet service costs me $40 a month, with fairly nominal surcharges on top of that, and I had to somewhat aggressively negotiate with my provider for a lock-in at that rate. There I’ve been inconvenienced many times by having to wait for a computer or surrender one to a gaming kid because of time-sharing equity. I’m sure someone without a job will have the time to perform a Google search for an answer to that question on their free smartphone with Wi-Fi.
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