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One of the main complaints about Lifeline, the free government cell phone program, has been that customers’ existing cell phones were incompatible with the program. It’s estimated that the average customer may save more than $1,000 per year over competing wireless plans with the FreedomPop program. If your phone is not supported in your area, FreedomPop will ask if you wish to look at their other phone plans. You can cancel the service you never had but it will take 6 months for them to stop billing you. Montana is one of the very few states that does not offer the free government cell phone program except in very limited cases (mostly on Native American lands).
I have received a sprint Android phone, while also having an assurance, I will like to keep the new android for it is fashionable and full of features, but have not been able to make the change for I cannot get the phone to function as a normal phone, I also forgot my password and found no link or prompts to enable to reset same, I cannot read my account balance or date to receiving minutes, so I am asking for a 30 days trial period before I can make the change, my android is from sprint, so I will like to receive some update and functioning update by email thank you, for assurance will soon want to stop my service therefore I must have this service functional thank you, then my google email was entered as my existing and this also will not open screen continues to read fail connection try again later, and to down load there is not explanation in the manual even my radio, I asked google and was asked to pay a one time $25.00 fee which I will have my associate pay , for I need the little comfort,after 3 and a half years of homelessness and hardship, I am so glad to make a change any way please send me the facts of my new phone before my 30 days is up, was assigned on the 27th August,2015 thank you Miss Pamela Grace Howell aka Miss Grace Pamela Howell for I will need to sign out with the exiting assurance should you service proves better.
I am hoping that I could receive more information about if I can use any other phon besides a sprint phone to activate to my free phone government plan.
My phone worked the first month I got it once it renewed it said roaming and I haven't been able to use it since.
I personally think NBC News (any News agency) as well as many of our elected officials cater to the money that helps pay their bills. Senior citizens have a lot on their plates to worry about, without the insecurity of being cut off communication media being added to the list.
The question regarding free government cell phones for seniors is one with an obvious answer. The elderly are prone to a number of diseases that can affect the well being of an individual at any time, without or without symptoms, and having free government cell phones for seniors living in conditions that deprave them of the ability to purchase a cell phone can be life-changing. The provision of free government cell phones for seniors is a part of the Lifeline program of the government. Browse through the lists of services provided by various telecommunication companies to check which of them offer free government cell phones for seniors, and shortlist the companies that you are most comfortable dealing with.

The procedure for application and approval of free government cell phones for seniors differs from state to state, and from company to company, requiring you to do your homework well in order to be served well. Free government cell phones for seniors are provided as a part of the Lifeline program of the American government. It is important that no other member of the household is a beneficiary of Lifeline services. As a senior citizen you would do well to consider acquiring a cell phone, and if your limited allowance does not permit the same, get the necessary documents in order to seek free government cell phones for seniors. This entry was posted in General and tagged Eligibility, Free cell phones, Seniors on September 3, 2012 by admin. That’s no longer a problem for some because FreedomPop is shaking up the entire cell phone business.
But if you can afford the cost of the company’s $99 smartphone, everything else is free.
FreedomPop is not part of the free government cell phone program, but they are a reasonably affordable alternative. If not than I would like to know if it has to be a sprint (contract phone) or could it be just a sprint prepaid cell phone.
I am on my daughters sprint family plan, she is having to down size so I am looking for a servie of my own. We just got off the phone with TAG and they confirmed that they are still offering free government cell phones in Arkansas. Alternately, you could also just shut your phone off so that it has no incoming or outgoing calls for two months.
Free government cell phones for seniors is an initiative that soothes the not only the elderly but their families too. Though the free minutes provided by the scheme may not allow daily chatting, the talk time is sufficient to make emergency calls.

National and regional telecommunication service providers have signed up to provide free government cell phones for seniors, and these are the companies that must be approached for an elderly individual to claim their cellular phones. Typically, a crisply arranged questionnaire must be filled out and submitted online that kickstarts the process of providing free government cell phones for seniors.
A senior citizen is required to hail from a household that is incapable of affording the purchase and maintenance of a cell phone, or is the beneficiary of any of a range of schemes aimed at the economically challenged. The term household is used to refer to a group of people living together in the same house, sharing a common address.
As an elderly member of the society, your contribution to your community over the years is recognized and applauded by the US government, which is why schemes such as the provision of free government cell phones for seniors have been launched and enforced. But most of all could I buy an android phone from any company (any style) and have it flashed to sprint or the government plan.
I qualify for free cell phone service and have a sprint cell phone, interested in the bring your own phone plan. Wea€™ve just published The Undocumented Immigranta€™s Guide to Free Government Cell Phones. When entitled to free government cell phones for seniors by companies working in collaboration with governments, the elderly need no longer worry about managing the funds of their social security allowances. No household is allowed to possess more than one subsidized cell phone, and you are advised to ensure the same before applying for free government cell phones for seniors. Be aware of what old age brings with it, and keep a cell phone handy so that you can call out for help when you need it.

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