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Whenever I put some ad on Craigslist, or any other online website, I am very apprehensive of placing my phone number. Only thing I wish iNumbr would have provided is to forward my iNumbr calls on some voip client, like gizmo5, so that I can take the calls from my computer, without a need to have a real phone number. If you are thinking what can be the use of receiving text messages to numbers you don't own, the answer could be to safeguard your identity when dealing with strangers, verifying accounts without revealing original phone number (like WhatApp and Viber), account verification for geo-restricted content like SMS text sent only to USA numbers etc. I found this site searching and also receive free sms without registration, just enter the site and choose a number and see your sent messages.
I think this tool is more than awesome, because it's really useful for those who are living outside of their countries. This is just one of the many helpful tips we have posted, You can find more stories here, Do subscribe to updates using your favorite RSS feed reader or using the secure FeedBurner email update form on top of this post. If you only want to receive your sms in iTim but do not want to receive SMS that also get sent to your regular cellphone, here's how to disable Receiving SMS on your cellphone.
Give your friends your google voice number and have them send an text to your google voice number.
Voicemail: Now when you receive a voicemail, you will get it in your itim text app including the transcript and the audio.

You should follow us on twitter to learn when we make changes to your phone number or your app. As I discussed above because of overgrowing spam sites or fake audience SMS Verification has become one of the most important verification tool for identifying true audience which provides an additional layer of security. No one can ensure you that whether it is safe to Provide your mobile phone number to websites or not but You can get assurity that your mobile phone number will not be used for spam messaging or Promotional messages if you provide your phone number on Top Quality and Trusted websites like Google,Yahoo,Facebook or Twitter etc.Learn How to Bypass SMS Verification OnlineĀ from below. What if I don’t want to provide mobile phone number and still want to bypass the SMS Verification ? Now you will find the SMS Verification code in Received messages by clicking on the Number you have selected as shown below. When you sign up for iNumbr for free, they assign you a phone number in your chosen area code. So, if you had earlier decided to expire your number in a week, but later decide to keep it for some more time, you can just login to your online panel and extend it. Here on SmsPunch website, they are providing the same sms sending and receiving service and I use it daily to send and receive sms from my family. After doing so, you will receive the verification text from Google in the iTim Text Application.

If your friends have SPRINT, they CAN send MMS to your Google Voice Number and you will get it. Then, they ask you about your actual phone number to which you want all your calls to be redirected.
In fact, if your iNumbr has already expired, you can still login to your control panel, and reactivate your expired phone number.
Now, whenever you text your friend, your google voice number will show up when you use itim. Once you are done with the registration, any calls made to your iNumbr number will be redirected to your specified phone number. This ensures that you keep on receiving calls on your preferred phone number, without exposing it.

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