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Keep frequently-called numbers at hand to save time searching phone books or looking online. Noted on this printable phone directory, everyone in the household will know where to call. Technology has advanced to such a degree that most people in the United States have their own cell phone, and millions more have iPad and laptops. For some people, especially those who have their phone connected to the computer, the Address Book Template keeps a record of all important numbers. Fill in all general information to establish the template, making columns for all information for each individual, such as name, number, address, birth date, where you met them and more.
Now you can customize your template and add other information that you want on your back up.

When you store addresses, it comes in handy for mailing Birthday cards and Christmas cards.
The best feature about the Address Book Template is that it is completely free with no obligation. The cell phone has its own address book or contact list, which is easy for the user, but what happens when the phone gets lost or damaged? But, more significantly, this Address Book Template can be designed to be a backup for all phones in the house.
If you can enter data into a computer, IPad or IPhone, you can use this template, which can be downloaded in less than five clicks, and used on a daily basis.
Your personal information is not needed to download from this webpage, and you can give the website to any of your friends and family, and they can download it also.

Once you have downloaded the Address Book Template, you can begin immediately entering contacts, numbers and more.
The template is also compatible with Excel and can be transferred to Word template while It is customizable to your exact specifications. This is the 31st edition of this directory and it lists a total of 1,380 auto racing facilities.

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