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The following questions and answers are intended to make it easy for users of this website to find quick answers to DVLA’s stated advice to some of the most common asked questions. If you have lost or damaged your MOT certificate, you can obtain a duplicate from any MOT Testing Station. You’ll need to provide the vehicle registration mark and either the original MOT test number or document reference number, shown on the V5C registration certificate issued by the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency. When SORN has been declared for a vehicle the registered keeper must ensure that it will not be used or kept on a public road until a new licence has been taken out. Remember you should not declare SORN if the vehicle has been sold, permanently exported or scrapped. When you have completed the declaration, a SORN confirmation letter will be sent to the registered keeper’s address currently held by DVLA and should arrive in the post within 4 weeks. You have a grace period of five days from when your current tax disc expires to the time when your new tax disc must be displayed.
Users of our service must be at least 18 years old and have the permission of the bill payer. We offer a call connection service, which means you are dialling one of our 09 phone numbers that will appear on your bill, and not the number of the government organisation. If you find yourself in a queue or disconnected for any reason please call back on the number announced on your call.
Scrap My Car, Kent is a family run business specialising in the car scrappage and car disposal industry. Having worked in the car scrappage and car disposal industry since 1978, we pride ourselves on being able to offer a friendly professional service as well as being fully licencesed by the Environment Agency to scrap your car, giving you peace of mind that when you use Scrap My Car, you are using a highly respected, reputable and licensed business.
We can arrange collection, removal and disposal of your scrap car, our team of customer service representatives are ready in Kent to help you. Ace Car Breakers are a highly professional Kent based scrap car removal, collection, disposal and salvage company.
We pride ourselves on being able to offer a friendly professional service and are fully licensed by the Environment Agency to scrap your car. We have a team of customer service representatives on the phone or on our premises when you visit ready to help.
Contact Scrap My Car, Kent on 01322 383 363 for more information how we can help you scrap your car. As a company we collect scrap cars and vans throughout Horsham, We collect and dispose of your scrap vehicle totally free without any hidden costs and offer you a price against the scrap weight of your car with peace of mind that your vehicle will not end up back on the road.
Scrap Vehicle Collection - End Of Life Vehicles - MOT Failures Recycled - Write off - Tax Expired Vehicles - Accident Damaged Vehicles - Unwanted Vehicles - Abandon Vehicle Removal. You can have your car or van collected and recycled by simply completing our online collection Form.

When you fill in our online form we gaurantee your vehicle will be scrapped legally and professionaly and will not end up back on the road and you will get a DVLA Certificate Of Distruction (COD). ALL submitted details remain private and confidential as governed by the data protection act 1998. Recycle my car is the modern, environmentally friendly way to dispose of your unwanted vehicle. Our new web site is your one stop online option for arranging FREE collection of your un-wanted vehicle. The vehicle doesn't even need to be running, We take care of all the necessary DVLA paperwork so no nasty surprises later. We provide you with a signed collection note and recycling certificate for your records and peace of mind. Scrap Car Isle of Wight are a reliable team of scrap car collectors working out of Isle of Wight.
When we scrap your car we notify the DVLA that your car is now off the road (make a SORN) and can be de-registered. Scrap Car Z only takes your cars and vans to Environment Agency licensed vehicle recycling facilities. At Scrap Car Z we always recycle as much as we can from the vehicles we collect, from the metal in the engine and chasis to the catalytic converter, ensuring maximum benefit to the environment.
To sell your scrap car to us, all you need to do is get in touch and provide a few details either over the phone or on the form to the right. As long as you provide us with the correct information, the price we quote is the price we pay. We notify the DVLA, take care of all the paper work and provide you with all the assistance you need. The declaration will be valid for 12 months unless the vehicle is re-licensed, sold, permanently exported or scrapped. We will collect your scrap car or van and recycle legally professionally and issue you with a DVLA certificate of distruction. Please use the navigation buttons above if you wish to browse our site or simply click here to arrange on-line collection now! Our polite, uniformed agents operate throughout the UK and have modern professionally equipt vehicles to provide you with a prompt removal of any scrap car or van. So that you know that your vehicle has been properly disposed of in the most environmentally friendly manner. Old vehicles will cause you a huge problem and can also cost you a lot of money, you will be expected to pay car tax, even if you are not using the vehicle. We will offer to collect the car the same day or a day and time convenient for you absolutely FREE of charge.

We can advise you on just about anything, from reclaiming road tax to keeping your personalized plate.
If you haven’t recieved your tax disc and 5 working days have passed since you paid for it the you should get in touch with the DVLA. We are not associated, nor affiliated with any government organisation, but act simply as a cost effective call connection service. We can take away your scrap car for free!Latest News in Isle of Wight2016-05-07:As well as offering a completely free collection, we are also currently able to offer cash for scrap cars in Isle of Wight depending upon the weight of the vehicle!
If you'd like us to make you an offer just ask when calling or add 'CASH QUOTE PLEASE' in the 'Additional Info' box when submitting our online form. The reference number is a number that you can find on your V11 renewal reminder in a yellow box. At Scrap Car Isle of Wight, our service also includes a very fast response and we will always be with you in your specified time slot.
We will collect cars, vans and trucks day or night, seven days a week, and can work around you commitments.We take care to ensure that your vehicle is disposed of in the right way. There are some companies out there that will not even scrap your car the will sell it and not notify the DVLA. We always ensure that the DVLA are aware that the vehicle is no longer registered to you, at least that's something you don't have to worry about. We always make sure that whatever can be recycled is and whatever can be reused is, we like to do our bit for the environment.We would like to keep our streets clear of abandoned vehicles and the service we offer really helps our local community. Broken down cars on streets makes our area very untidy and run down, scrap your old banger today and make your street and your neighbours happy.
Scrap your car for free, call today!How to scrap your carYou won't believe how easy it is to scrap your old car in Isle of Wight. If on the other hand you are not ready to book and would like to find out more about how to scrap a car please feel free to look at our guide to scrapping your car.The car scrappage schemecar scrappage schemes may at first seem like a great idea. There are a few flaws in the governments plans, as there will only be certain cars that qualify. This can be a very frustrating process as you have to buy a car that is currently in the scrappage scheme.Reasons to scrap your carThere will be many reasons for you to scrap your car. In our experience the main reason is that the vehicle has failed its MOT and the required work to repair it is too expensive. If you have a scrap car that is unusable you need to either declare it off the road or scrap it, otherwise your will continue to need to pay road tax on the car.

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