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Newborn sessions are best within 2 weeks of birth (days 5-10 are preferable), so it is important to schedule your newborn session early (preferably in the beginning of your 3rd trimester or earlier) so I can be sure to leave room in my calendar for your due date. Hallway Photos – this size works well displayed along a hallway or staircase, because usually the width of the space puts the viewer closer to your print. These prints or canvases are usually located in a much larger room (sometimes with two-story ceilings), and are displayed on a much larger wall, and therefore will be significantly farther away from the viewer.

Seeing the prints on the wall relative to the size of the couch, it is much easier to see how some of the smaller print sizes really can’t stand alone on a large wall.
However, if you are planning to go with standard prints, remember to take into consideration the added width of the mat and frame you have selected which will increase the prints visual presence on the wall.
You can also take this a step further, by taping together pieces of colored construction paper to simulate the print size you are considering (be sure to add the width of any mat and frame you will be using).

Once you think you have it right, leave it on the wall for a day or so until you are comfortable you have the look you are going for.

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