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The service is free to use for all customers and allows customers to also sign up for Business Alerts service through NatWest telephone banking. Many banking and financial firms found to be guilty were popular high street names, such as HSBC, Lloyds Bank, Nationwide, TSB Bank, American Express, Capital One and Tesco Bank. Insurance companies including Aviva and Churchill are also culprits.The survey involved more than 2000 consumers, 39% of whom said they preferred contacting their bank via telephone to arrange financial matters, and 31% of whom said they would certainly use the phone to make a complaint. 90% of credit card providers and 89% of current account providers were found to be regularly directing customers towards premium-rate phone numbers.From next year onwards, the EU Consumer Rights Directive will be banning the use of expensive numbers for customer helplines, but this so far does not stretch to include financial firms.

Glenn Mason, 56, used the accounts of nine pensioners at NatWest’s branch in Biggin Hill, Kent to fund his gambling addiction.
It led to Julie Jeffrey and James Cato being fired from their jobs and charged with fraud at the Old Bailey. The charges have since been dropped.His gambling addiction became a problem after the death of his son, who was serving with the British troops in Afghanistan before we died in a roadside bomb attack.
The direct contact number for NatWest can be found in the public domain or on their official website.

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