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If you have found that you are unhappy with a product or service you have received from Vodafone, please do not hesitate in letting them know. Vodafone is one of the top communication companies in the world with over 403 million customers around the world. If after 8 weeks having spoken to Vodafone through the Vodafone Complaint Phone Number you are not happy with the result of your complaint you may need to refer the issue to an independent third party.
My account has not been credited with the 1000 text messages and have been charged for nearly 800 text messages. Even if you are unsure, do not feel discouraged to speak to a Vodafone Customer Services representative as they are there to help. However with this success there are always going to be a small percentage of customers that do not receive the quality of service that is provided and expected.

We have spent time and research in sourcing a low-cost number for you to call which is listed at the beginning of this web page. All feedback is welcomed, working towards improving their service so hopefully these issues will not happen again.
The easiest way to file your complaint is to call the Vodafone Complaints Number – 0843 515 8644 at the earliest opportunity with all the information regarding your complaint. There is no harm in contacting Vodaphone to see whether they can improve your service, provide compensation or a discount on a later bill. We have obtained the best Vodafone Complaints Contact Number so you can speak to a Customer Services agent to discuss your issues. Calls may cost more if you’re calling from your mobile or a different landline provider.

If you are a Vodafone Mobile customer you can contact the complaints team directly by dialling 191 from your Vodafone Mobile for free, provided you are a pay monthly customer.
If you are a pay-as-you-go customer this will cost you 25p (charge only applies if you speak to an advisor).

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