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Skin Biology Body Perfumes with Social Pheromones Promises You: The science of thousands of years of pheromone fragrance can't be wrong. USAGE: For best results, use as directed belowSkin Biology Body Perfumes are based on essential oils with pheromones added in Squalane.
As the scent rises up and around the face these body perfumes help attract attention more than color cosmetics and chemical fragrances without any damaging effects on the skin. OR use as a "layering fragrance": Before applying your favorite perfume, first apply a light amount of Body Perfume to add dimension to the scent.
HOW IT'S DIFFERENT:Skin Biology's Body Perfume is a sensual indulgent mix of squalane, pheromone, and the essential oil of your choice. Our plant based pheromones will relax you, while giving the confidence you need to succeed.

I love the simplicity of the skin care products I use each day and the loveliness of the scents, SB 74, in particular.
For best results, apply to the chest or stomach which will allow the perfume to mix with your own scent as body heat rises. I use this perfume along with the Romantic perfume for women and a white-flower-based oil perfume.
The natural essential oils mixed in our fragrances have been used for centuries in family gatherings, marriage beds, and religious ceremonies.
It smells a little exotic or "oriental" when it first goes on, but is very light and becomes barely noticeable within moments. I've been wearing them since my last order a few months back, and I can assuredly say that they are quite addictive.

The biological oil of the Body Perfume can be worked into the skin giving a soft moisturizing effect. They kind of have a bit of an aromatherapeutic lift for me in addition to their powers of attraction." - K. 100% Alcohol-free body oils in a roll-on applicator, made with pure essential oils and squalane.

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