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Call me crazy, but as an Android user that doesn't really care for specs, I would get this because, at this point, anything would be better than my Samsung Intercept stuck on Android 2.2 Froyo.
Poor has nothing to do with prepaid if you did some research before you posted that nonsense. Another good thing about att go phone is that roaming in mexico is 25 cents the minute i tell them to let me borrwow there att iphone 4 when i go to mexico and works like a charm 25 the minute tht cant be beat compared to the 1.49 the minute att charges on postpaid i leave my contract phone at home and take there go phone i dnt even bother using a mexican cellphone its too much hassle buyin one etc all i do is put about 50 bucks on the go phone and bam it works awesome.

Still, when ita€™s compared to some other prepaid offerings, ita€™s sure to stand out a€“ though, we still cana€™t get yesterdaya€™s Palm Pixi Plus deal out of our head. I guess the Sprint evqualient to this would be the Samsung Transform Ultra, but it's a Sprint ID device and I despise Sprint ID.

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