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Be aware that installing this app could break things, so if you have issues, you'll want to reboot into recovery and "wipe the Dalvik cache," Protalinski warns. Apple's Find My iPhone feature is intended to help you track down your lost or stolen smartphone, but what happens after you locate your device? For West Hollywood, California resident Sarah Maguire, confronting the person who stole her iPhone was the best way to get it back. Maguire and her roommate both woke up after a Saturday night out to find that their iPhones were missing, she told The New York Times.
When the two women called the police to alert them of the situation, they were told to go to West Covina themselves and call 911 if they felt they were in danger. Maguire's story is just one of many cases in which "Find My iPhone" has been used as a tool to track down thieves and criminals.

Nikos Kakavoulis, founder of The Daily Secret, cleverly used "Find My iPhone" to catch a naive iPhone thief in a Starbucks in Athens, Greece back in 2012. Maguire's situation also shows that smartphone theft is still a prominent issue, especially in large cities.
California State Senator Mark Leno has been trying to address this issue with an effort nicknamed the "kill switch" bill. Although Apple's Find My iPhone had proved useful for Maguire, it's not difficult for thieves to work around this tool. But if you want to work your way into high-value accounts and develop key relationships that result in you getting a crack at becoming their vendor this may interest you. First Phase B2B Lead Qualification Process:  Introductory warm-cold calls to find prospects worth pursuing.
What You Learn:  Sales opportunities you’ll NEVER hear about unless your ear is close to the ground! My B2B lead qualification process of developing the best leads with real-time follow-up calls cannot be replicated by mass volume calling. Email Follow-up: Emails from your reps mentioning my call plus updates on widgets or services you want introduced are essential so that your team and the prospects I contact get connected. The Right Pitch: How your people outshine the competition plus key words and phrases that will “click” with your prospects are points I’ll need from you before making my calls. Expect This From Nay Sayers: Top management will insist only salespeople with deep understanding of your markets can do sales development by phone. It’s myth based on ignorance rather than tested pre-sales business development experience.
Feedback: I give you immediate feedback with full notes and clear records of each call at all stages.
You Monitor Account Activity: Because these updates are ongoing you can track results and jump in whenever a prospect is ready for a face-to face or wants a demo scheduled or has questions best answered by you or your team. The secret to keeping these updates on track is a strategic calling platform that makes reaching out to large groups of your contacts in a very personal way a very manageable process. I’ve been using this sales tool for years and continue to marvel at it’s organizational efficiency.

Called TELEMAGIC, it slices and dices the database to come up with the best calls to make…organizes the calls…fast-dials the calls…takes notes…sends emails, etc. From cold lead through satisfied customer TELEMAGIC streamlines the B2B lead qualification process of sales development by phone. Best List: Of all direct marketing media you can use, your house list will bring you the highest response rates when you contact these prospects by phone. It's basically a replacement for your home screen that makes your social networking connections the star of your phone, rather than your other apps. After using Find My iPhone, Maguire and her roommate realized their phones were in West Covina, which is 30 miles east from her apartment.
One of the most memorable scenarios occurred in 2012 when David Pogue, former New York Times technology columnist who now works for Yahoo's tech magazine, lost his iPhone. Nearly 2,400 smartphones were stolen in San Francisco in 2013, according to The Huffington Post.
Just last week, California senators turned down the initiative, which would require smartphones to be preloaded with anti-theft software. Apple's anti-theft software won't be able to track the phone if it's turned off or if it's not connected to the Internet. If your team remains skeptical all you have to do is test me out with a small trial project. My real-time follow-up calls keep you informed on account activity so you’re ready to move when opportunity knocks.
Using "Find My iPhone," he posted images of the device's location online and crowdsourced readers for help.

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