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One of the interpretive sites I work at is pretty large compared to many interpretive sites—the primary campus for the California State Railroad Museum is over 200,000 square feet.
We are also well-known, so there are entities who want to partner with us for increasing their visibility.
So imagine my surprise when I received not one, but two emails from actual, verified Googlians. Of course, compared with a casino, whose floorplans are widely thought to be consciously designed to prevent you from ever seeing daylight again, our facility is much, much simpler.
Basically, to provide a floorplan, all you have to do is to upload it, and match three anchor points over a map view of the facility. The second thing that’s going on is that another portion of Google maps has contacted us about doing street view inside the museum. In 1999, you can see Google realizes its search engine can stand on its own, and focuses on something the competitors at that time were slowly losing: total focus on search, with a completely uncluttered homepage.
In 2000, after having survived the Y2K bug (and about to be surviving the dotcom crash), Google localizes with a language box, and also offers jobs and an About page highlighted with blue bullets. In 2002, Google changes its mind about where to put additional links (which grow in number), and introduces blue tabs on top of the search box.
In 2004 (here showing with an Olympics logo), Google got rid of its tabs on top of the search box, making the page simpler again, while taking their company public. In 2006 (the year Google somewhat lost their innocence due to search censorship cooperation with the Chinese government), chances are high you’re logged into one of the many Google services with your Google Account.
In 2009, the Google search box and buttons got bigger, and there’s more spacing in-between the buttons. In late 2009, Google rolls out one of their biggest changes so far: a clutter-free homepage showing only the logo, search box and two search buttons.
In June 2011, Google turns their top navigation bar dark (the bar had been reintroduced a while ago after the ultra-minimalist, fade-in from white design had ended). During the recent past anyone who look to Google to buy a domain name, was redirected to this support page where the company explained they didn’t register or host any website. If you have clicked on the previous link you will see how they refer you to one of its partners like Godaddy. Google has just launched a small private beta platform to start in the domain registration market called: Google Domains.

Politicians, historians, railroad companies, even bands often come to us wanting to use the venue to make a visual and emotional connection.
First of all, Google wants to map the interior of our public spaces, and we’ve already given them our floorplan maps so they can show the interior of the building. I suppose that it’s whatever you want it to be, like most new media that we talk about here. Along with the Madrid bombings years later, this would be about the only time Google shows news and support links on the front-page.
Above the search box, Google now shows you how many pages they search through (another feature that didn’t survive). The index size is now advertised in the footer position, and the three links to the right side of the search box are what we’re having today (advances search, preferences and language tools). Not much else is new on the homepage, but the index size increased a whalopping 1 billion pages (not a huge increase by today’s standards perhaps, but those were different times only three years ago). That means you’ll also be seeing the somewhat awkwardly positioned personalized links pane in the top right.
The context navigation links now adjust to where you are, meaning they’re context-sensitive but also inconsistent (a potential issue from the point of view of usability). It is one of the most famous brands across the planet, so they asked themselves: why don’t we go into the domains registration market? In fact both companies signed a cooperation agreement in 2006 and it has been into effect since last June 9.
However we will have to wait a bit more to try the hosting service since it is just available by invitation. Petersburg Russia, the Louvre in Paris, or any of the units of the Smithsonian, but it’s large enough.
Setting that aside though, which one do you think would be more useful for a newbie to navigate with? Part of me has that lingering dread of cheapening and dumbing down of our society, but hey, these are all just tools. Also, right on the front-page you could subscribe to the now extinct Google Friends newsletter. Now if I had to put a date on it, I’d say 2001 was the year when truly every internet surfer (and their mom) would start to get to know about Google, but of course its growth was steady ever since it began.

Also in 2002, one of the first (the first?) weblog on Google started, and it soon became highly popular. This approach scales a little better, but still only the most popular Google services (by the traffic they get, from what we know) will ever make it on the select few homepage links. After testing several prototype variants of this design to random users, this is the one Google decided performs even better for people in the long run, once they got used to it.
And it is quite difficult to establish a comparative between them because they are very similar. We have to certify to Google that we are the owners, we are responsible for the content, and that the content is accurate. The second issue that I foresee is to have our curators check on any copyright issues for visual media that we have. When you search for elvis presley, for instance, the search types web, music, video and images will be suggested, but when you search for iraq, the suggestions will be to further research in news, blogs, video, maps and images.
You could arrange to meet your friends at the Mona Lisa, or even specify which table they can find you at in a restaurant.
We display historic signs, paintings, photographs, trade labels, company trademarks, and original visual media that we need to check on, just in case we don’t have the rights to show them in this new way.
I prefer to see the exciting possiblities, and yet another new way of connecting with our audiences. Before opening their platform worldwide they want users to test it and analyse the feedback. Google indoor views have already been added to some of the large casinos on the Vegas strip. If there are any issues, Google will simply blur the object to make it unrecognizable, just like they do for me when I keep jumping in front of their cameras as they cruise town. I hope that we get this done soon, but I work for a governmental agency, and deliberation and delay are part of the decision process.

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