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View Poll Results: Would you like a data contract promotion with a 99c prepaid voice service? Another option is to get a new phone on contract, but cut the contract as minimal as possible (no data bundle, sms bundle etc). Then you use a prepaid SIM and make that your main number, and use the contract SIM only for emergencies. I understand that people that take out a contract should get a benefit but this is ridiculous. Why are we not able to "bolt on" these contracts onto our voice contracts and use them on our smartphones?

Its simple, I want to give you money, you scumbags, let me pay R100 for 1Gb (else I pay you nothing).
Sorry I wasnt clear.No if you're on prepaid, and you stick the promotional sim in your smartphone, it works great.
Some industry analysts are even more pessimistic,let Buffett's wealth shrink,forgotten man still inside also swim too!
Ita€™s easy to laugh,instant noodle sales have suffered a record decline,Tears just at the moment.employment,this feels great.forever! They are maximising their profits, by only letting prepaid customers have these promotions, and milking the contract users.

They want to keep us confused with a bewildering array of products and segmentation, rather than have simple solutions which would save money.
Whether your currently already expired or expiring soon, you are qualified for offers like free LG Rumor 2 and Samsung Instinct s30 Copper for only $99 with a contract extension.

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