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Sandwich Isles Communications is another worst 10 offender costing the USF fund $13,408 per phone line in a few tiny pockets in Oahu and Maui where Hawaii Telecom already offers full cellular phone coverage as shown in figure 3 below. I understand the concept behind bring telephony service to rural areas, but where is the logic in subsidizing more than $26 million per year for 2000 homes when we could simply give those 2000 homes cell phone service at a total cost of $80,000 a year (assuming $40 per cellular account)?  I know this may sound blasphemous, but how about those people living in Maui and Oahu buy their own cellular phone service like the rest of us?  Where is the sense in spending enough money to pay their rent? Update – For more information on this, Thomas Hazlett did a very good study on USF High Cost waste in 2006.

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