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The case is an eye-catching delight of sparkles, candy colors and characters — including Hello Kitty and Stitch.
Luxy Loli makes custom cell phone cases , as well as hair clips and other affordable decoden. The Hello Kitty phone has all the functions I need: caller ID display, memory, options for ringer volume and language. Hello Kitty Phone Charm Pricehello Price Trends Buy PicturePin Hello Kitty Phone Charm Pricehello Price Trends Buy cake picture for pinterest and other social networks.
I purchased a lot of substitute things like gems, rhinestones and lace in some local craft stores in Florida but the quality and variety is not really my top choice. My pink LG cell phone became my first re-decorating subject because I always wanted a fancy bling up Japanese princess style mobile phone rather than a regular looking one. My LG phone has a cute light metallic pink shell through out so even without any decoration it is already super adorable and girly which totally fits my style.
So even after all these year, my phone is still working and it’s feature still beats a lot of new technology smart phones. An ordinary decoden cell phone case price can range from 50-180 dollars easily and I really don’t want to spend that much on a single phone case. The process of this cell phone makeover is really easy, I choose epoxy glue as my bonding material because it is strong and it dries clear.
I didn’t really have time to do this on my Bamboo tablet so I just did it on a piece of paper really quick. The original decoden sticker I purchased from Hong Kong is fill with different materials.
According to my design sketch, I lay the bigger items down on the phone cover and see if it looks good before hand.

I choose to mix the glue on a smooth plastic surface (like the back side of the original sticker which use to held the gems).
Using a toothpick to pick up the glue, carefully apply a generous amount onto the back of each item then place them on our cell phone cover.
Use different sizes pearls, gems and rhinestones to fill up the gaps in between the big plastic parts. Thanks for the support, i totally agree with you, even though electronics now come in a lot of different colors, but they are generally more expensive. I was just wondering where did you buy the different materials and where do you think the cheapest place is to get them? NASA says it’s the most effective full-body workout out there, and the only one that gets the lymph fluid circulating. The purchases I did recently on Etsy has really gave me a lot of inspiration for this project.
Unfortunately I was never able to have so many adorable decorating materials because I live in America ( Let’s face it, decoden is not as popular here as most Asian countries). Since I discover the Etsy website, I am been able to purchase a lot of high quality decoden parts which allow me and achieve my desire design. With the 3 orders I put in Etsy, I can decorate a couple cell phones and tones of other electronics and accessories in my household.
The size wasn’t right for my phone thought so I decided to peel them off individually and incorporate some into my design. The  amount from each bottle must be exactly the same or else the glue might turn out to be yellow or not as strong in the bonding department.
I apply the glue straight onto the cell phone cover then I use a tweezers and pick up the parts individually.

Rebounding is easy on the joints, and develops balance while targeting different muscles (which is why it’s eclipsed the elliptical as my favorite). DIY my cell phone allow me to express my design and save money because purchasing a bling up case by others can be extremely expensive. The model is LG KU990 (Korean Brand) but it was made in Japan, I got a really good deal too compare to the phone sold in the States. The key for this tutorial the adorable plastic cabochons which I purchased from online stores. Beware of it’s drying time is usually is fast (about 5 minutes for mine) so do not try to squeeze out too much at a time.
If you haven’t heard of rebounders, I highly suggest you look into them, and go with a quality brand like Sundance. Regular stair walking is good exercise, so I deliberately go up to the upstairs bathrooms rather than the ground-floor ones. My orders from Etsy consist with a lot of flat back plastic pieces, pearls and rhinestones and they definitely come in handy when decorating cell phone and other accessory at home. That’s why every time I go visit, I try to purchase as much materials as possible for my DIY future projects. I was probably at my fittest when I was doing regular manual labour for local conservation groups – clearing shrubbery, laying paths, putting up fencing etc.

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