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I immediately assume they’re dead or crawling on the floor trying to reach the phone.
There are all kinds of addictions, and, like most, people will deny having one…especially to their smartphone. These days it seems people attend functions only so they can check in at the location, tweet about it and not be left out of any Facebook photos. Now close your eyes and pretend your smarphone was lost, stolen or a baby flushed it down the toilet—I don’t know. It’s tough to say smartphones are more addictive than cigarettes, mainly because there is no true biological dependence on the device as there is with nicotine, but it certainly can become habit forming. These days, people go out to restaurants and set their phone next to their plate, as if it were another guest at the table. If you think people aren’t as dependent on these little devices as many are to cigarettes, think again. According to another recent report from British mobile phone provider 02 UK, smartphone owners spend an average of two hours per day using their device and the majority of this time, nearly 25 minutes, is spent browsing the internet. Now don’t get me wrong, smartphones are without a doubt one of the best pieces of technology developed over the last few years.

1) At the beginning of the meal, everyone puts their phone face down at the center of the table. 2) During the meal, you’ll hear calls, texts and emails arrive, but you can’t pick up your phone. 3) The first person to give in and flip their phone over loses the game and has to buy everyone dinner. 4) If no one checks their phone by the time the bill arrives, everyone buys their own meal. This site uses the Basic Maths theme for WordPress, designed by Khoi Vinh & Allan Cole. In the theater, restaurant, bar, wherever—You can count on people using their smartphones way beyond the “I really need to take this call” excuse. Honestly, how many times have you taken a picture and instantly thought it would make a great profile picture?
Test you and your friends with this fun game called “Phone Stacking,” created by Brian Perez.
Some people even pretend to be using or talking on their device to avoid eye contact or other social interactions.

The rising global smartphone addiction has even gotten to the point that many countries have implemented harsh laws against using them while driving and launched ad campaigns warning of the risks. Power and Associates, the average smartphone user spends about $107 each month for wireless access—More than the average household pays for electricity each month. The report also found that 54 percent of smartphone owners use their device in place of an alarm clock, 46 percent use it in place of a watch and 39 percent use their phone in place of a separate camera.
Now, people walk the streets with their head down looking at their device, oblivious of their surroundings. You’ll probably notice the majority of people are on their phone as if major breaking news—Aliens have landed, earth has achieved world peace, the Kardashians have actually done something to merit fame—is occurring and their device is the only place it’s being announced.
While smartphones have made life easier for many of us, our love of them is becoming more like an addiction worthy of support groups and crisis hotlines.
Even if you accidentally leave your device somewhere you know is safe, like your car, that doesn’t make it feel any less traumatic.

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