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The type of calls people most wish to block come from telemarketers, who in years past were notorious for calling at the most inconvenient times possible.
Further, you can block a phone number by entering the number * (star) 60, and typing in the number you wish deleted.
I spoke to a telemarketer and he said the FTC could not do anything because his company called from outside of the USA! As for whatever you texted or sent to her, sorry, but it's on her phone, to delete or use, or whatever. Is there an Android app that will make the caller hear a recording saying my number has been disconnected, or changed, or not in service? As there are a lot of debt collectors out there, and they keep changing their numbers when calling you, or give your number to all other companies that are their allies or friends. But harassing the ones who don't really owe a debt or have nothing to do with them is a serious problem, since not only that they've been disturbing other people's life but also accusing them for owing a debt when they don't. Even if you're on the Do Not Call list, a collection agency can still call you if they think you owe them money.

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I would (and have) recommend your site to others I was quite satisfied with the quality of the information received, the professional with whom I interacted, and the quick response time. First we need to make list of favorite contacts that can call and text you anytime, anywhere. Luckily, there are numerous methods that make blocking a phone number a quick and simple process.
Thanks to the National Do Not Call Registry (NDNCR), which is administered by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), almost all telemarketing calls can be permanently stopped. For landline phones, devices known as inbound call blockers allow you to accept calls only from specifically accepted individuals. In most cases, the best approach is to simply use a Caller ID service, and not accept messages from those to whom you do not wish to speak. To accomplish this, either on a landline or cell phone, punch in * (star) 67 before dialing a number. By entering this code you can selectively block a phone number, and the caller will be rejected. If you have a smart phone, like an iphone or Android, you should be able to get an app like Blacklist (99 cents) that will allow you to block her number.
It's not right to allow them to call anyone if they have registered with the "Do Not Call" FTC. They should stop calling after leaving two to three messages, and the government should charge them a fine if they continue to harass people. I have been harassed by the debt collector who has set up the auto-dialing to call my house every day and left a lot of annoying pre-recorded messages pretending to look for someone else. I have there phone number by my service provider (Orange) says there is no way to block them on my phone. You can select specific audio file, say, flushing toilet sound, to welcome telemarketer call from 555-555-5555, or you can select an unending ringing sound to any call from area code 818.
For example, a call from one number can be automatically forwarded to another telemarketer, so they can sort things out, or a call from one number can be forwarded to a dead number. So let’s say, you forward a telemarketer’s call to another’s telemarketer number, only they need to deal with each other.
They usually making almost the same mistake that purchasing an application without reading reviews off it. Thanks to improved technology, usually all that is required to block a phone number is to press a few numbers into the keypad, call the telephone service provider, or visit a convenient website. Phone numbers to be blocked from telemarketer harassment can be registered at the NDNCR website free of charge, or by calling 1-888-382-1222 from the number you wish to block. A few might slip through the cracks now and again, but the FTC does not look kindly upon companies that abuse the NDNCR.

Also, generally for a small fee, phone companies will provide call screening or call blocking services. If you're talking about blocking a number on a landline, that's a different story, and will involve the phone company. It blocks area codes like 866, 800 etc and it will block every number beginning with the area code you put in, and you can put in as many area codes as you want. They should get the accurate personal data and phone number from those who really owe them a debt. Write the collection company a letter, telling them that you are requesting they cease and desist any phone calls to your residence or business, in accordance with the Fair Debt Collections Practices Act, Subsection 805, paragraph c.
You can file complaints all day and they won't listen until you've written that all-important letter. I had real doubts about this website but your promptness of response, quick followup and to the point answer with picture was incredible.
Even if you see that there are many good reviews for that application, do not be deceived; because these are fake reviews and whose writing them are paid actually.
Go to your contacts by clicking on the green phone button which usually at the very bottom of the screen where we have shortcuts or by clicking on the contacts button which can be in the utilities folder or on the screen together with the other apps. You'll have to call the phone company and report her number as being an annoying or threatening number, and you want it blocked. I'm in sixth grade and don't have the best comprehension, so can you make it simple, please?So what I want to do is erase her number from my phone, 10,000 percent completely and get my phone number and some, preferably all the stuff I texted, called and sent her, and stuff that has to do with me. But no matter what there are how many negative or fake reviews in App Store, users are still purchasing these kind of applications anyway even when they are knowing it.
If the blocked caller attempts to ring through, he will either receive a busy signal, or be routed to a recorded message stating that calls are not accepted from his number. Because, if I don't do this, I might get expelled, and I have never even done anything to her.
Also, dialing *57 right after the call, will trace the call and send it to your provider's security department.
You may get mail from them, but the calls *must* stop, or they're in violation of federal law and you can then get the Federal Trade Commission after them. Applications about blocking a number in the official App Store are not really working at all. It has other customizable options also and the best part is it works perfectly and it is free! These applications are only showing the number that we wanted to block when it is calling or messaging us.
So we are only realizing that it was the number we blocked before and taking our action according to that information.
My elderly mother lives alone, so if my cell goes off in the middle of the night, naturally, I assume the worst. I've gone though 49 large tissue boxes this school year and my eyes are small and my nose is super small. So technically it is not possible to block a specific number on iPhone which has a clean, official iOS (it means not Jailbroken).
If we really want a number blocking application, we should Jailbreak our iPhone and download the iBlacklist application from their unofficial app-store.

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