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There will always be those people who will call and text you, even if you don’t want them to. To block a contact’s number on your iPhone, simply visit your contacts list and select the contact. Once you press that button, go ahead and select Block Contact from the pop-up menu and you’re done! Having done that, you won’t be getting calls, text messages and FaceTime requests from that number ever agin, unless you decide to unblock it in the future.
If you need to unblock a number in the future, go to the contact and press Unblock This Caller.
Please note that Caller ID blocking doesn’t work with 911 and other toll-free numbers. Mobile technology is one of the fastest and best methods to stay connected with your loving beings. So today, we are going to post about top 5 Apps to Block Incoming Calls in Android as well as iPhone, these applications basically blocks Phone Number only. You might be having one or more friends in your friend’s network which keep disturbing you by calling you from strange numbers.

Block calls, SMS, report the mobile numbers, and lots of other things to have a peaceful life with your Android. You can also select and allow only a certain contacts from your contact list to call you while you are traveling outside, or are in an important meeting.
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Yeah but if that person blocked your phone number, it doesn't matter if you come up as a private caller.. I am able to block my number & it always works but I called back to a computer help desk scam. Be it annoying telemarketers or crazy exes – you want to find a way to stop them from calling and texting you in the future and you need to block their number. If you’re on iOS 9 you won’t even need an app to do that, and neither will you need to jailbreak your iPhone. It will work no matter if you are with At&t, Verizon, Sprint or any other mobile carrier. Apart from incoming call blocking related features, you can use this app to backup your contacts on the server.

You can block anonymous incoming calls, can send any contact to blacklist, can reverse lookup the mobile number etc. Its my favorite Incoming Calls Blocking App for iPhone, its most recommended one to blacklist any phone number. Try them out right away and if you faced any problem while blocking phone number in your mobile phone then please do comment and let us know, we will help you out with this. I think that it is a carrier issue since I have Sprint and they might lock most settings on the iPhone. Whether you're the proud owner of an Apple iPhone 4 or perhaps just considering picking one up, you're sure to benefit from this free video tutorial, which presents a complete overview of how to do a hard reboot.

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