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Like so many aspects of writing, when formatting block quotations, the devil is in the details! If I’m quoting multiple paragraphs, how should I format the second and subsequent paragraphs?
A Happy Daycare - May Newsletters   May 5- 9, 2014  It has been an exciting week here at A Happy Daycare. The snow brought down many limbs and some trees as well, including this one on Cresheim Road that narrowly missing a parked car and snarled traffic there for hours. Photo #4, for Philadelphia School teacher Jimmy Mance (far left) the phrase a€?snow daya€? had a literal meaning. If you took a stroll a€“ or snowshoe a€“ down Weisa€™ block on Thursday, or the 200 block of West Haines Street in Germantown, or any number of close-knit streets across the Northwest, you would have seen snow-bound residents coming together to dig each other out. The six-foot igloo has a kid sized tunnel entrance, a roof and a south facing glass window.
Sure, the side roads are still far from clear, and parking on Germantown Avenue is a Grade-A hazard, but for those few days where most had permission to slow down, for many in the Northwest it was easy to see a silver lining in these snow clouds. Photo # 6.A  Aaron Covington, 19, awoke early for each storm and made sure the walks of his nearby seniors and single residents were clear a€“ he refused all payment. Local residents went back and forth about which was worse a€“ the Blizzard ofA  a€™96 or the Dump of 2010. I thought it was time to do something a little different; I was looking for a submarine that was small, could turn on a dime and was easy and fun to drive.
Mike Botelho has done an excellent rendition of this submarine in 16 inches, and rumor has it that he is assisting Rick in developing an 18 inch version of the hull. I had the pleasure of meeting Dave at the 2006 Subregatta in Carmel, and swimming along side his FS-1. Rick really went out of his way for me and actually pre-bonded the wings, and cut the access hatch out. Progress Report: April 1st (2007) - No this is not an April Fools joke, I actually got some work done. Over the last couple of weeks I have managed to find some time to put holes in the model, trim out a couple of pieces, and add some primer.
The mixer itself is hard to see, it about the size of a quarter and is plugged in between the receiver and ESCs. Hopefully in the next couple of weeks I will finish the vents, spot putty a couple of areas and do a final primer coat. Progress Report: May 1st (2007) Progress has been made on the bow and stern of the Flying Sub.
I started out by working on the front end, previously I had already cut out the holes for the grill vents on the bow. I got some presents from Ted Scrivens, he made up some headlights and thruster rings for my FS1. Next steps are to clean up the hull a little, do a final primer coat, and start working on the inside. Progress Report: June 16th (2007) Change of plan, with the Ottawa Sub Regatta happening, and I didnt have the time to get the FS1 running, I decide to at least make it look good. Below is a photo of the linkage used to control the depth of the FS1 that utilizes the waterproof servo. The following photos document all internal mounted in the submarine, minus all the required floatation foam. You will note in the above that I designed it so that the weight distribution is somewhat equal between bow and stern, also the weight is really isolated to the centerline of the submarine and between the rear thrusters, which should help for stability and responsiveness. While not easy to see if you look hard you will be able to see the front pumps used for backing up, or firing with the diagonal forward pump to spin the sub on its axis. While a smidge bit high to dive easily a couple of quarters and dimes will be used to do final trim on each patrol.
It should be a good year for Flying Subs looking forward to setting an in water record this year at the cottage. Progress Report: May 1st (2007)A  Progress has been made on the bow and stern of the Flying Sub. Progress Report: June 16th (2007)A  Change of plan, with the Ottawa Sub Regatta happening, and I didnt have the time to get the FS1 running, I decide to at least make it look good. It should be a good year for Flying SubsA  looking forward to setting an in water record this year at the cottage. Indent “about a half inch from the left margin (in the same position as a new paragraph)” (p.

The second and subsequent paragraphs within the block quote should be indented within the block (see Example 5 in this PDF). Your text following the block quote should be either (a) indented, if it is a new paragraph, or (b) flush left, if it is a continuation of your paragraph (see Examples 4 and 5 in this PDF). Like his neighbors on McCallum Street in Germantown he spent hours shoveling out his car and around his home. At the Thomas Mansion on Wissahickon Avenue Wadeea Owens (left), Zoe Owens and Allen Spearman joined a large crowd of snow enthusiasts for some timeless fun. Airy resident Carol Weis of the snow as she helped her neighbors clear off the unit block of Mt. The differences they said: in 1996, 30 inches came all at once and brought everything to a halt, but it was over quickly.
In a city that tends to get overly territorial when the snow shovels come out - about things like parking spaces and snow pile placement a€“ the recent storms brought out the best in some people. Airy Avenue as she does with every storm, and only a few houses down 19 year old Aaron Covington was up at dawn shoveling the homes of neighbors who could use a little help - and refusing to take money for it. According to Marty Hebert of the 6100 block of that street, someone cleared off both sides of the entire block during at least one of the storms, and probably did most of nearby Tulpehocken Street too. Take Simon Dicker, who made a snow serpent from what he cleared off the sidewalk of the unit block of Mt. More than ever, the latest storms transformed the steep slope beside the 19th century Thomas Mansion on Wissahickon Avenue into the most happening hill in town. The 6100 block of Daniel Street knew exactly what to do with all this snow.A  After doing a little Internet research this crew built an igloo. The goal was to have a submarine at the cottage that that folks (including my kids) would be comfortable driving. Even if Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea is not your cup of tea they are a must own collection for anybody who wants to learn how to learn the craft of model making. Ted is my ace in the hole as he is a local resource I can consult over coffee at Tims while I build up my FS-1.
I think he knows I am pretty busy with two kids and wanted to get me rolling on this project.
I cut out the etched vents provided with the hull and am in the process of making up real vents out of brass. I wanted the look and feel of a mirrored window, but I also wanted the rigidity the hull offered by not cutting out the window wells. I needed to do this so that the bow thrusters could push water through the vents in order to achieve reverse. Extra effort was made to keep foam high in this low profile hull, otherwise the sub could become inverted and yes I have seen this happen. Extra effort was made to keep foam high in this low profile hull, otherwise the sub could become invertedA  and yes I have seen this happen.
However, if the quote begins midsentence, you may or may not want to change the first letter to uppercase. And when it was over we had a thicker blanket of snow than at any time since the infamous blizzard of 1996: from 24 to 30 inches - depending on who you talk to - plus the dusting from this Monday and Tuesdaya€™s squall. Over the last week we got some time to breathe but that made it seem more drawn-out to some.
So, on the days that news reports called the city crippled, residents of all ages crowded the hillside to snowboard, tube, toboggan or sled the slope in true Olympic fashion - complete with homemade moguls and a daring looking jump near the bottom of the hill. The construction team is, from left (outdoors) Ela Somers,11, Brian Goodell, 7,A  Sarah Somers, 8, Allison Goodell, 7, Judah Weekes, 7, and Rory Erlich ,8.
I have elected to try a V-Tail Mixer (actually an Mtronic Tank Mixer) to Mix the ESCs that control the 4 thrust motors (bilge pumps). Remember the purpose of this model is for anybody to take the helm while at the cottage (including my 3 year old daughter), so its going to take some bumps and groundings.
All quotations, both in-line and block quotations, must include the complete citation (see earlier blog posts).
If your introduction to the block quote leads directly into the quote, a lowercase first letter may be fine (see the examples in this PDF). Just include the citation, including page or paragraph number, at the end of the quoted material.
The children decorated a special sombrero hat with pipe cleaners, pom-poms and the number of the day, five, to wear for our Music and Movement Class.
Or Alan Margolies a few houses down, who built a luge track that runs from his back yard all the way to that same sidewalk.

I opted for the Mtronic Tank Mixer as it was a) waterproof, and b) designed to control ESCs. Well the good news is that work was done in 2008 to get me closer, and the FS1 actually met the water for some staged photos, also the internals where built up just not documented. The author name(s) may appear in your introductory sentence or in the parentheses (see the examples in this PDF). Hats on and Mexican Mariachi Music playing the children were ready to pick out a maraca to practice their rhythm skills. For this reason I have been toying with the idea of leaving the wells in place, covering the inside of the window with waterproof tinfoil duct tape, and using a thin acrylic sheet to give it a glass effect. Clapping their hands and shaking the maracas to the beat it was time to learn the new moves for the Mexican Hat Dance.  We placed a hat in the middle of the room and everyone gathered around in a big circle.
It took us awhile to get everyone moving in the same direction around the hat but soon they learned how to kick their feet, clap their hands and most importantly not step on the hat. We welcomed Catalina back from a family vacation to Mexico and she brought us back Mexican toys called baleros that are made out of a wooden cup with a string and ball attached. At Geography Time the children have been learning where the different states and countries are on our two maps. Catalina was very proud to show her friends where she visited on the world map at Geography Time.
If you get the chance take the time to show your child on a map where different friends or family live. If you haven’t heard already we had a special visit from a green and white dump truck filled with a load of dirt to use in the garden. Everyone got to watch the truck dump out the dirt and the best part was when the children got to get their own hands dirty filling up the new raised garden beds. Because you can’t be a good gardener if you don’t know what plants need to grow.  So we hopped on the “Magic School Bus” and watched the episode The Magic School Bus Gets Planted. They dressed up like bean plants sticking big leaves all over each other with the help of Stage Moms Catalina and Victoria. Activities like this makes it possible to teach a complex subject like photosynthesis to the very young child in a way that they can grasp and then apply what they have learned through active play. And every little genius needs to know how to use scientific tools like magnifiers and microscopes to make things that are small appear bigger.
The children used the tools to investigate mold on a strawberry, a wiggly roly-poly bug, and the Venus Fly Trap plant.
Chompy had a nice lunch of two juicy flies this week and you should have seen the children’s faces when his little mouths snapped right closed. They have already come up with some creative ideas of building with the new wheeled blocks. These are the things we are learning during our days or you could just ask Asher who summed it up best when he woke up after nap screaming to his friends, “I love my school!”Letters and Phonics: Alphabet train letters V, W, and X.
Water Table and Sensory Play: The children have been busy exploring the concepts of volume and measurement while scooping up and transferring  water and garden soil between different containers. The children decorated big letter W cutouts with crayons and streamers to get ready for a Wiggle Worm Music and Movement class. Then the children all formed a line, tried to hold on tight to each other, and giggled as Ralphie led the group in a wiggle worm parade. Congratulations to Catalina and Victoria for being able to write their long names all by themselves. Each day the children are excited to run into the garden to watch the progress of their growing garden. At Science time we are reading about the life cycle of a bean plant and the best part is the children get to march right into their garden, bend down close, investigate the seeds popping out of the soil, and watch the story come to life right before their eyes.  Jonathan loves spinach whether it is fresh or cooked and he is slowly turning all his friends on to one of his favorite vegetables.
Geography Time: We are Using our maps and songs to point out and identify the different continents and states.
Water Play: We are learning about the volume and capacity of different containers through water play.

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