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A few years back, I went into an AT&T store to get a pre-paid SIM card with a data plan for a prototype WP7 phone with some frustrating results. Now that I work for Microsoft, I tend to get early access to hardware like phones and tablets.
Encouraged by this, I decided to take the phone to my local Sprint store to get it connected. Note to readers outside the US: The US mobile phone market (aka cell phone market) is pretty much dominated by CDMA-based carriers. Despite the gadgets and the posters of happy people with gadgets, theses stores almost universally feel like a DMV filled with timeshare salesmen.
You sign up and you wait all the while being accosted by commission driven vultures eager to get you to buy a new phone.
I tried explaining again whom I worked for and that it was sent to me from the phone maker and that everything was on the up and up. In one smooth motion, she takes the phone from my hand with her Freddy Kruger nails, snaps open the back battery panel, removes the battery panel and sees a SIM card slot. Before I can complete my sentence, she gathered the parts (battery, back panel cover, and the phone) into her other hand and using her nails like a lacrosse stick, throws back everything at me.
The extra leverage provided by her nails, give the phone an extra oomph when it hits me squarely in the chest.
I left the store and called Sprint customer service to see when my contract was coming to an end. I happily explained to him that the hotspot has a built in web site admin console where you can make all those changes from a browser, even if it doesn’t have a screen. While we’d like to think that the cell phone stores are there to provide customer service, they really are there to sell us new phones and over priced accessories.
The first change was from my DSLR Canon Rebel Xti to a Panasonic Lumix DMC-ZS7 Compact Digital Camera.
The downsides of the Panasonic are 1) it does not have a viewfinder, 2) the GPS can consume battery life even with the camera off and 3) there is some visible distortion at max wide angle.
The second big change involved moving from the plug-in USB Verizon data card to the newer MiFi 2200 Intelligent Mobile Hotspot. So far both technology changes have worked well for us, improving our productivity and making our lives simpler.
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As such, I find myself frustrated at the lack of support (or cluefulness) found at the local cell phone stores. Sprint is a CDMA only network and, in order to get a phone connected on a CDMA network, you need to call or go to an office to have them punch in the phone’s unique ID into their system. Shiny and new toys on the walls along with posters proclaiming how wonderful your life will be once you sign a two year contract. It was this environment I expected to greet me when I walked into the Sprint store in Gaithersburg one fine afternoon.
What happens next is a move of such grace, beauty and horror, it ought to be in a Quentin Tarantino movie.
I know you can reset the device, but I wanted to make sure I could log back in and change the settings again. I explained how I wanted to change the wireless network name and the security key, but all I needed to do that was default admin password. I shook my head twice: once for the poorly trained buffoons they employ at the store and another one for me for not just looking it up in a search engine in the first place.
The viewfinder issue is serious when you are shooting in bright sunlight and you can’t see the detail in the screen.

There is a limit of 5 GB per month on the best Verizon data plan and this clearly prohibits anything like video streaming. Find lists of popular class quotes and ideas for your senior, junior, sophomore, or freshman class. We have a wide selection of handguns including Kimber, Kel-Tec, Ruger, Smith & Wesson, CZ, Taurus, and Springfield are just some of the brands that we offer. Glock 30, Remington 870, Springfield XD 40, Beretta 92FS, Sig Sauer, Taurus, Smith and Wesson. This tutorial covers two topics: Resetting the Scanner (if the scanner locks up and does not respond to key. I am going to buy dcc and i have a 4x8 with bachmann ez track, is any further wiring required for my layout to operate? I showed it to him and he cheerfully informed me that the password is written on the back of the device. The first big plus is not having to carry a large digital camera, multiple lenses and a bag full of gear.
The original USB device could only be plugged into one computer at a time and could not connect our iPhones.
The second big plus is not having to carry a separate digital video camera for HD video clips. You can beat the GPS battery issues by simply buying two extra batteries and keeping them all charged, cost was just $33 for both. I'm not sure about the front, but on the back you could have a picture of a red cape so it looks. Answers IndiaBest Answer: how about a tiger with 2015 in its stripes :) one of those ones you kinda have to stare at abit to find the words and stuff! STEAM was a lot of fun, and it’s stimulated a great deal of discussion over on our Google Plus community for the NosillaCast. The Panasonic DMC-ZS7 also brings brings some new technology that the Canon Rebel Xti doesn’t offer, like GPS location marking of each image and image stabilization. Most of the time a single charged battery will last all day but I have had a couple of days when I had to go to a second battery, never had to go to the third. The MiFi 2200 is a small device that can be carried anywhere, operated either by rechargeable batteries or AC adapter. Some of technical specs on the Panasonic are not quite equal to the Canon but the shortfall is insignificant if you factor in the need to change lenses to achieve better specs and there are things like video and GPS that the Canon just doesn’t do.
I can live with the max wide angle distortion and sometimes it makes the shot more interesting, giving a slight fish eye lens feel. The Panasonic comes with a Leica Elmar lens, 25mm wide angle and 12x optical zoom, max 300mm focal length.
The amazing thing is that all this works while we are underway and the Verizon connectivity is awesome. AT&T connectivity in the western US stinks and we are seriously thinking of ditching our iPhones for new Verizon Droid Incredibles.

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