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Event details may change at any time, always check with the event organizer when planning to attend this event or purchase tickets.
Southern Siberian Rescue would like to thank everyone for helping us reach our tenth year of saving Siberians! Southern Siberian Rescue is a group of dedicated volunteers responsibly rescuing Siberian Huskies in need throughout North Carolina and surrounding states.
The Siberian Husky is not a breed for everyone and adopters need to understand this breed and all of its quirks and beauty. Southern Siberian Rescue normally rescues 35 - 40 dogs each year and we find homes for about 35 dogs.
Don't pass up considering these wonderful companions while browsing through our available dogs. Each prison facility partners with a local animal shelter, with animal trainers and with local merchants or civic organizations that can support the program with needed supplies and services.
Nash Correctional Institution is seeking sponsors and donations, including but not limited to, dog food, treats, leashes, food and water bowls, flea and tick prevention and other related supplies. Southern Siberian Rescue shares the financial hardships and is now working harder to save more dogs!
If you would like to help pay for treatment and other expenses associated with rescuing Siberian Huskies, visit our How to help page to learn how to donate. Wea€™d like to give an EXTRA special thanks to the members of the Save Our Siberians - Siberspace Rescue Fund (SOS-SRF) for donating to help us treat Domino, Kita, and Shana for heartworms.
To help adoptable Siberian Huskies who are unwanted, abandoned, or neglected find new homes.

To foster adoptable Siberian Huskies while providing health care, rehabilitation and training.
To educate potential owners about the Siberian Husky and their special requirements to facilitate an educated decision when selecting  the breed. To educate the general public regarding the importance of  buying from a responsible breeder or adopting from a reputable rescue organization. To counsel owners on solving problems so that they may keep  their Siberian Husky in their home. To educate animal control  officers, staff and local ASPCA chapters on breed identification, characteristics and temperament. To network with local animal control and ASPCA chapters to assist in reuniting lost and stray Siberian Huskies with  their owners. To take back any Siberian Huskies that are adopted from  this organization should the placement not be permanent. Maybe you already got one of our cookbooks but liked it so well you will want to get more for gifts. Please fill out the form below and provide as much information as possible about updates to this event or venue. Our sole purpose and priority is to help unwanted, misunderstood, abandoned or neglected Siberians find homes. We also spend a great deal of time educating potential owners and the public about the Siberian Husky, their special requirements, temperament, personalities and traits. With so many homeless Siberians and Siberians facing death in shelters, it goes without saying that we are serious advocates on spay and neutering your pets.

Walker did wonderful with training and knows sit, shake with both paws, down and rollover, among other commands.
Frodo did wonderful with training and knows sit, shake with both paws, down and rollover, among other commands. Goldsby, Business Consultant, Grant writer and Nonprofit Expert with over 17 years of experience and a native of Cincinnati, OH; Ms. We do this by providing needed health care, rehabilitation and training for all our foster dogs and carefully screening potential adopters.
We promote the importance of adopting from a reputable rescue or working with a responsible breeder when inviting a Siberian to your home.
He also had fun with A-frames, teeter-totters and jumping through tires while in the program. Goldsby has helped hundreds of nonprofits obtain their 501c3 status as well as trained them on Board development, program development and grant development.
Statistics show that unaltered males are a higher risk for testicular cancer and unaltered females have a higher risk of mammary cancer.
She brings her expertise to this workshop to assist those that are a nonprofit understand how toproperly go after funding.

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