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I recently discovered a person in Skype, whose birthday reminder only showed that the person in question was celebrating his birthday, but didn't have any info on the person's age. In your Skype profile (Skype -> Profile -> Edit Profile), you need to have no year selected. Skype will not let you select this directly, so if you click the uppermost year (from memory it is 1900) and then press the up arrow on your keyboard it will select the blank field.
Sign into the site (same password as what you use to log into the application) and under "Account Details" choose "Profile". Once the above step is done, Skype will remove the entire birthday information and other contacts will not be displayed about birthday notifications. Before removeing your birthday by setting day as Day, month as Month and year as Year through Skype website, you have to log out from your Skype app. Hide 7 puppies from 2 parents,1 nosy little sister, an entiremiddle school, and 1 mean girlout for revenge! Also, people always call, “Hey, my friend’s little sister.” I get so ticked off when people call me that! Next, there are your “friends.” I put that in quotes because the one who wanted your sister to come to her party but not you doesn’t really sound like a great friend! If you feel more confident about yourself, you won’t be as sensitive about comparisons to your sister. I say it’s obvious because I’m only 14 and I know that what they’re doing is kind of messed up, but they probably have no idea how hurtful it is for them to bring up Karen so much! Just tell it to them straight: “Karen’s great at a lot of things, but I’m a different person, and sometimes it bothers me when you compare me to her.

Your real friends love hanging out with you and would NEVER imagine having a party without you there. That girl who asked if Karen was busy that weekend, odds are she knew that wasn’t the nicest thing to do.
So next time she tries to use you to hang out with your sister, tell her, “I have plans with other friends, but here’s Karen’s number. She’ll get the hint that you’re not Karen’s secretary AND that you’re worth hanging out with, whether your sister tags along or not.
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This basically means that when you are selecting your birth year you want it to be the blank field at the very top of the drop down list.
She has everything…self-esteem, sharpness, smartness, coolness, cuteness, perfection, fashion. Last week, I was angry with one of my friends because she didn’t invite me to her bowling party. She says it’s to much bother to take them to to the vet to get them checked for any diseases . I love the kittens though and I’ve now named the , (Honey, Leapord, Tabitha and Timmy). When I said yes, she sighed and said she wanted to invite my sister to her party and NOT ME!!
From there you can pick day month year, it won't let you do it if you're trying to do it on your mac skype app.

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