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Just like anyone else in this modern era of communication I rely on text messaging…a lot. This entry was posted in Uncategorized and tagged emoticons, hashtags, texting, using hashtags while texting by brent.
Hashtags: It should come as no surprise to most of you that I hashtag the heck out of my text messages. CAPS: For whatever reason this puzzles people a lot but I usually mix in at least one all caps word in each text I send. If you haven’t already put my number on your block list I will let you know that I am really not that bad. As I work in social media for a living and as I liberally utilize hashtags in my handwritten conversations it only comes naturally that I take the time to incorporate several hashtags in my texts.

If I send someone a text message and I don’t get a response within five minutes I might pester that individual with a string of 20 question marks. Or you can cut to the chase and block all text messages sent from the web or block all text messages sent from email.
My brother, sister, and I all play a game where if one of us catches the other committing a grammatical or spelling error in a text we send it right back to the violator without even addressing what they said.
Just like the hashtag, emoticons do a great job at conveying emotion and thoughts that you otherwise would not receive out of ordinary text.
If I am feeling really bored and maybe a little perturbed I will hit copy and paste a few times and fill up the person’s texting screen with question mark galore.
If I want to really insult the person’s intelligence I will do the classic repeat text where I send the exact same message back to the person that I had sent five minutes before.

Come on, we all know how stupid doing this is as obviously the person received the message the first time. I absolutely abuse the faces and my general rule of thumb is that if you always at least stick a smiley face at the end of a text you can pretty much say anything you want.

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