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I would like to make a detector in minecraft that makes it so when a player is in a specific location, that player will be teleported to a certain location. I do not know now if you want to teleport the player if he enterd the area or if you press a button. If you want that a player is teleported when he is entering the area you have to use a redstone clock. Not the answer you're looking for?Browse other questions tagged minecraft minecraft-commands or ask your own question.
Can command blocks teleport the a person closest to a set of coords instead of the command block itself? Many people make the MISTAKE of hooking no1 direct to switched 12V THIS WILL work "for awhile" but IT WILL eventually take out the diode trio and possibly the regulator. Thanks for the reply and yes, it should be setup as per NHRA rules as we do race the car once in a while. Looking at your picture, the large #10 or 12 wire from the 2 wire connector goes to the starter relay labeled BAT. OK, sounds like you have a "one wire" regulator, which is the only real difference between a "one wire" and "3 wire" Delco.

Ground one of the small terminals, and run one no 14 wire up front from the remaining small terminal. Hook one of the large terminals to the stud on the starter relay, and fuse it according to the load you will have on it. Hook the bulkhead side of the "run" wire to the remaining small terminal of the solenoid. This way, you have a HUGE nice relay to handle switched "run" loads, and EITHER the key or the disconnect will break the loads. We are looking at a complete rewire due to other problems but I would like to start with a working car. I looked that switch up at the Taylor site, and nowhere does it say what the capacity of the small terminals are. I certainly would, however, measure voltages as I suggested earlier, as the switch could have failed or some other wiring break could have broken the alternator charging path (output) on it's way to the battery.
As I understand things, the alternator output wire is wired into the disconnect switch to "kill" the alternator generated power in case of an accident. I will do an additional test of removing the switch from the circuit and see if it starts better.

1 One which I disagree with --and in my opinion, does not meet NHRA, some guys run a SEPARATE charge line direct from the alternator output stud to the battery, that is, the battery post. Basically, the two large terminals of the added solenoid (up front) BREAK the "dark blue" "ignition run" wire, that is, the ignition feed coming out of the bulkhead and feeding the ignition system.
Bill Hicks Quote“If you're so pro-life, do me a favour: don't lock arms and block medical clinics. The first point (1 in the picture) is the commandblock and you do not need to type it in the command.
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