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I wanted to use two points of truth, one a big chuck of twitter data, and one a hyper targeted piece of data, so I have done two things.
So here is a visualisation of my first set of persona cohorts – as the data set was large, I separated into 20 cohorts. So if I drill down in the data, and focus on the most CMO looking cohort, these are very influenced by general media, like TechCrunch, Mashable, Fast Company, HBR, Wired, Forbes, Inc, WSJ and so on. Here we can see a very well defined marketing audiences – CMO, Social Media Marketeers, PPC, Ad execs and Agency staff.
I can tell immediately that this looks a lot more realistic (and certainly not because I can see myself in at number 171!). English Language & Usage Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for linguists, etymologists, and serious English language enthusiasts.
My simplistic thinking is that each person has one brain, so why do we say "blow someone's brains out"?
As for the comment about mass noun, note that you don't blow the entire brain out, just bits of it. Maybe it's because if you actually look at a brain, it seems to be made of lots of bits (we certainly do the same with guts). The custom of using the plural to refer to the substance (literal or figurative), as opposed to the organ, dates from [the sixteenth century]. Not the answer you're looking for?Browse other questions tagged grammatical-number or ask your own question. To prevent this from happening, you can disable the Control Center on the lock screen by going to Settings -> Control Center and turning off Access on Lock Screen. We have a busy life and we have to keep in mind all sorts of things, both at job and at home. Additional ResourcesHere is a few quick and easy ways for you to get almost any type of information on anyone. That’s a big number of course, but I guess the more the merrier when it comes to social media marketing.
So, even if we have influencers, and they have a large following, the accounts that you’d want them to impact are nowhere near that number.
And in summary, a lot of the accounts that follow this people are quite inactive (only 11% post more than every other day).
This should help us better identify CMO’s and therefore the people and accounts that influence them.
Of course we have some other markets that are interested in this topic too, like the tech crown and real estate agents.
You can see that there are targeted accounts that focus on the subject matter, so it’s logical. The first two imply some larger structure to dissect, the third is the usual massification, and the last one is indeed a whole brain (or integral portion thereof). Obviously for his brain to outrank his brains by 4:1 there must be lots of usages that do favour it, but use (also racked and the execrable wracked) all come out about equal. Plus, if you do a remote wipe, thieves won't be able to reactivate it without your password.You also won't be able to disable Find My iPhone without logging in (a blindingly stupid omission from the previous version of iOS). If you don't like the idea of advertisers tracking your every move on the internet, it's wise to turn on Do Not Track.

With this on, Safari will display a warning whenever you try to open a website that is suspected of phishing. Then you can choose to keep all of your current tabs open, or close them all and start fresh. This will not stop Find My iPhone from helping you locate your device if it's lost or stolen. The bug above will probably be fixed in the first update that Apple pushes out, but for now, this will keep your device safe. This update also fixes the bug that let uses make non-emergency phone calls from the lock screen's emergency call feature.
Also make sure to check out the 15 most annoying things and 18 coolest new features in iOS 7 that every iPhone user should know about. Sometimes we forget something and when you forget someone’s birthday it is very unpleasant. It is an excellent resource in trying to find peoples birthday, it is free and it is easy to use.
This may sound more complicated than it really is because there are some services that perform the actual search for you. View our Top Rated Resources, Do a Quick and Easy Search and view our comprehensive FAQ's.This website is not affiliated with the US government and does not sell any type of certificates or FCRA based information. They can also be obtained by visiting a local SSA office or by calling the Medicare provider and establishing the member's identity. This post contains my summary findings, but the full presentation and findings is available for download at the bottom of this article. And then I’ve referenced this back to the published list of top influencers, and guess what? As it is such a big number, I looked for similarities in the behaviour of the accounts, so we could find specific personas and create cohorts. And we end up with a lot of #Followback and bot spam, that yes, may help improve someones influence score, but it certainly won’t provide ROI in an influencer programme. All of the overview and top cohort data is in the full report, so please download that for reference.
All of the data behind this and the detail into the cohorts is contained in the report below, but I wanted to share what this data is telling me is the top 5 influencers are on the cohorts mentioned.
I would seriously suggest that if you are embarking on a Social Influencer programme, then validate your data and who is being recommended (also think about your target, CMO is too general) and most certainly test the ROI on a small budget before you commit to large scale funding. Massification is the semantic effect of using a count noun in a situation that clearly calls for a mass noun.
In fact, brains here is a not a plural in the usual sense, but merely signifies that it is a metaphor.
Some of these features appeared in previous versions of Apple's mobile operating system, but they're all things every iPhone owner needs to know. From here, you can turn off mic access to any app you want, but apps like Shazam will be worthless without it—so choose wisely. It might be the birthday of a close friend or of a relative or it might be of an old friend you haven’t seen in ages but we want to wish him the best.
You have to type in the person’s last name, first name and also the age you think the person is.

Facebook is offering a special service for its users, right on the front page, that alerts you when somebody in your contact list is celebrating his or hers birthday. This meant I looked at variables like: Words in their bio, people they follow, people they mention, hashtags they use, websites they share from, language they post in and location (this was the same for both sets of data).
The rest of the top 200 is an interesting read, Mashable, TechCrunch, Mr Obama then Gary Vaynerchuk but I think we can agree that this is a great general influencer list, but not necessarily CMO influencers. So lets look at the overall influencers (noting that it will be different when we look at specific cohorts).
The classic example is After the explosion, there was scientist all over the lab, where scientist clearly refers to the same kind of structural integrity as brains that get blown out. If I find a context that clearly favours the plural, I'll add examples of each to the answer. Make a free account on this web site, include as many people as possible in your friend list and use this widget. We can’t ask that person when their birthday is as we don’t want them to know we forgot it. If the one you are looking for is in the database, the person’s birthday will be displayed. It’s rude and embarrassing to admit that you can’t remember when someone was born, especially if it’s a close friend or someone from the family. The database of birth records on this site seems to contain mainly older persons, so chances are fewer if you are looking for a young individual, but it’s still worth a shot.
That will help you look up someone’s birth place, find out how old someone is and find out when a person was born too. Any person who received social security disability insurance for 24 months is eligible for Medicare, widows included.
We would also like to avoid asking someone else, because we want to keep our mistake a secret. You can see what information they retrieved for you, but in order to have access to it, you need to pay a fee. When using EDGAR, search with just the first few letters of the company name, because not all businesses are listed under the name they are most well known by. The federal tax identification number can be found on forms, such as the 8-K, 10-K and 10-Q forms. Take advantage of internet access and the many websites to lookup a person’s date of birth for free.
Ask the businessIf you are unable to find the company's tax identification number on either database, ask the company if possible. A person in the accounting department should be able to provide the tax identification number.
The EU's VAT Information Exchange System, or VIES, also aggregates VAT data from the individual countries' databases and can confirm the validity of an individual VAT number.

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