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Skype To Go makes all your calls local, so international call rates are just the same as when using Skype on your computer or as an app. Skype always connects people wherever they are, and it continues to bring people closer with its Skype To Go service.
This entry was posted in Skype Tips and Tricks, SuperTintin and tagged international calls, skype to go, skype to landline, skype to mobile. A promotion credit of 50p will be given free on sign up to give you plenty of minutes to try out. Windows Phone Area is an online provider of news, reviews and articles about smartphones, phone manufacturers, apps, developers and everything else about Windows Phone and Microsoft. What makes it better is that it charges the same rates as your regular Skype calls, unlike standard international calls that usually cost higher than local ones. This is important because registering prevents anyone from using your numbers without your knowledge. If you’re always on the go but still want to stay connected even when offline, use Skype To Go for international phone calls.

The new feature gives the ability to draw on the screen which allows users to add many different objects and drawings to photos, images and maps and send them to their friends on Skype. Users also receive new HD screen support, faster performance and option for signing-in using your Microsoft Account linked to the device. It might be really useful when you want to show somebody a route on a map or just add something to an image.
The new Skype function has not been announced for iOS and Android but we expect it to become a reality soon, however, It is a little bit strange that Microsoft launches this function on Windows Phone before the other platforms.
Recently, Microsoft has been criticized due to the low number of improvements and functions for the app on Windows Phone while it has much more updates for Android and iOS. With Skype and around millions of users around the world, everybody has hatched the idea, calls are completely free. For example, video messages were available for the other platforms in the beginning of 2013 but they became part of Skype for WP in September.
So this improvement comes as a surprise for Windows Phone clients who are used to seeing updates for their devices a few weeks after its release for other operative systems.

But what about calls to non-Skype users, landline numbers and businesses, these calls can be expansive via Skype out. Signing up for this service is simple – all you’ll need is a UK mobile number and your account will be set up within 3 minutes. You can also download the App for Android devices and very soon,it will be available to Apple iOS devices. Once downloaded, you can enjoy the low rate on international calls from anywhere in the world.

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