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Step 1: Access the Student Center via CheckMarq (click here for details), then follow the steps below. Step 3: On the Phone Numbers page you will see a list of the numbers you have recorded with the university. Note: If you already have a mobile number listed, you may update it in the Telephone field. Step 6: If you want your mobile phone number listed as your preferred number, check the box next to the mobile phone number you entered. The Office of the Registrar is the official keeper of academic records including course registrations, grades, transcripts and diplomas.
Nowadays almost everyone is using Android Phone, smart phone, window phones and have several apps in their mobile and one of the most popular app is “WhatsApp” this app giving facility to send text, images, videos & calling facility and the best thing about it you don’t need to pay any call charges, sms charges to anyone just need internet connection on your mobile. Any contact you add to your phonebook will automatically appear in WhatsApp, only if the added number also have WhatsApp installed on their mobile. If your friend is out of country then number must begin with “+” sing, followed by the country code.
This action will refresh and re-alphabetize your Favorites list and new added number will be display in your phone book. If your friend belongs to other country then number must begin with “+” sing, followed by the country code.
In case if your friends name is not appeared in the list need not to worry, press the Menu button and select “Refresh”.

Tap on “Refresh.” The Favorites screen will refresh and display the name of your new contact. Select “Refresh Favorites.” Your friend’s name will be display in your contact list in WhatsApp. Hope this article was helpful if yes, then share it with your friends on Facebook, Twitter & Google+ as well as share your thoughts about this post in below comment box. Hi, this is Kapil Kumar behind this blog and I am just trying to share helpful information, news, latest trends for knowledge and entertainment. When trying to access this area ``Account details (password, aliases, time zone)`` for security reasons you required to re-enter your email password. Here it is, the last step, add a mobile phone number and click on ``SAVE``button and that`s it.
Adding a mobile phone number is useful especially if you want to recover your hotmail account password. Start from the "My Profile" Portal by clicking on My Profile in the left-hand side portal menu.
Type the new password in the New Password field, and type it again in the Verify Password field. Click the "Add Addresses" or "Add Phone Number" (depending on what you want to add) link located at the bottom right of each table.
When you are finished, click the "Add Phone Number" or "Add Address" button at the bottom right corner of the window.

Click the Save Phone Number or Save Address (depending on what you are editing) button at the bottom of the edit  window. If you are using whatsapp for first time and unable to add a new number in your phone then you must read this post because here I am going to tell you how you can add a new number in your whatsapp by following some simple steps so keep reading.
Now again tap on chat and this time surely your friends name is display in your WhatsApp contact list. If you would like to forward your Hotmail - Windows Live email to a different email address, not always but sometimes due to security reasons you will have to be verified and this involves a mobile phone number. Before you do proceed just wanted to inform you that both you and your friend have installed “WhatsApp” on their mobiles if you have already installed just read the steps of your choice as I have enlisted how you can add new contact in whatsapp in iPhone, Android, Windows Phone & Blackberry. You can add a mobile phone number from there but since you`ve already created an email account I am going to show you how to do it. As I already said to each article, this method should also work for other domains such as MSN and Live. First, sign in your email account and from there locate ``Options`` ( it`s one the upper-right corner ).

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