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Now when your object of frustration tries to call you, they will hear one ring, followed by a disconnection sound. Blocking spammers, pranksters and people that simply annoy you from your Samsung Galaxy S4 is easy. If there are people that you want to bar from calling you like telemarketers, disgruntled ex, pranksters and due to some other reasons, all you have to do is enter their number in your blocklist. Users who have something to contribute on the subject can also share their views and suggestions via email or in the comment box below. If you own a Samsung Galaxy S4, you have plenty of options when it comes to blocking people from calling you.

Your phone won’t display the call at all, but if you check your call logs, blocked calls show up so you know your S4 is hard at work keeping irritants at bay. Just add them to your Auto Reject list to prevent them from calling you or include them to the Spam numbers of your SMS app. You can perform this if you no longer have the message of the person that you want to block in your Messaging app. Enter the number of the person that you want to block or open the Contacts icon to select the person that you want to block from your phonebook.
From unknown numbers to those that start with specific area codes, you can block individual and groups of numbers to your heart’s desire.

Swipe down from the home page and tap the gear icon at the top right, then select My Device and Call.
Just enter the area code for that region in Step 5, then select Starts With under the Match Criteria option below the number field. Just be detailed as much as possible in your questions so we can effectively pinpoint your problem and help you find the right solution for it.

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