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Disclaimer: Subscribers should know that the 3G coverage maps have been created with tools that predict the likely areas of coverage.
Ufone advises all its valued subscribers to NOT reply to or act upon any call or SMS which claims to double your balance, win bumper prizes, cash rewards, discount vouchers, or any other surprise gifts.
Mobilink has announced the availability of a new series from its 0300 lot, the prestigious numbering plan from its early days, the 03000 numbers. Mobilink has said that it will be giving away one million new numbers from 03000 series, with no mention of special pricing for the series.
However, it is assumed that special numbers, also called as golden numbers, (such as 0300-01111111) will come at hiked rates ranging from Rs.

Unlike Warid, Telenor or Zong, Mobilink is yet to establish a procedure for booking numbers online. While the footprint of coverage outlined on the maps is generally accurate, there will be specific areas described as being within a coverage area where a customer's 3G service will not work.
While according to latest survey of PTA its has more than 22 lac 3G connection in Pakistan, Which are in second position after Mobilink. For example, coverage could be degraded or not existent in specific locations due to certain physical structures, geographic features or as a result of the device used. Physical structures which may block or inhibit coverage could include basements, lifts, underground car parks, concrete buildings, tunnels and road cuttings.

Geographic features which may block coverage could include hills, mountains and even trees.

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