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If you are viewing this page, it is because your IP address has been banned or blocked from our servers. We offer free classified ads on specific topics, and we do not allow ads on topics that do not pertain to our site.
We do delete the ads of offenders and try to give them warnings, but many use fake email addresses, or do not respond. Since Apple does not permit any apps that modify its own phone, the only way to block a number on iPhone 5 without paying your carrier is through the jailbreak Cydia store.

The app's developers charge a one-time $12 fee to activate the app once the trial period is over.
Advertising "tractors" on a medical equipment site is one example that should be easy to understand. We are generally not here to provide your business with free advertising, but there are some exceptions when a business is offering the same type of products that people are selling on our site. We're not going to show you how, but it's pretty easy to get around having to pay even the one-time fee — just do a little Googling and you're bound to figure it out quickly.

We have had to take this step because of the large-scale and repeated abuse done by some people. Advertising "sports betting books" on an auto racing site may not be as clear, but the site is about racing, NOT betting or gambling.

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